News Update

Airbnb Employees Can Now Work Remotely Forever

According to an email sent by CEO Brian Chesky, the international vacation rental company Airbnb will allow its employees to work from anywhere—be it from home or office indefinitely. The email read, “We have designed a way for you to live and work anywhere—while collaborating in a highly coordinated way and experiencing the in-person connection that makes Airbnb special.”


Majority of Airbnb employees will have the flexibility to work from either home or office. In contrast, people in some roles will be required to be in the office to perform their core responsibilities. However, employees’ compensation will not be impacted if they move anywhere in the country they work from, as the company will have single-pay tiers for salary and equity from June.


Chesky said that the move was part of a wider shift at the company to accommodate flexibility and remote work. “The world is becoming more flexible about where people can work,” Chesky wrote. “We see this in our own business. We wouldn’t have recovered so quickly from the pandemic had it not been for millions of people working from Airbnbs.”