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Amazon Set New Record With 8.3gw Clean Energy Procurement In 2022

Amazon, a leading technology company, announced the procurement of a record-breaking 8.3 GW of wind and solar energy in 2022. This feat is a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to transition to clean energy sources and meet its goal of powering its stores, data centers, and fulfillment centers with 100% renewable energy by 2025. The company’s record-breaking achievement was made possible by backing 133 new renewable energy projects across 11 countries, which expanded its total renewables portfolio to over 20GW.


With this accomplishment, Amazon solidifies its position as the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy globally. This marks a significant step forward in Amazon’s commitment to sustainable energy practices and reducing its carbon footprint. “As we continue to launch new renewable energy projects around the world, we’re pleased to be on track to power our operations with 100 percent renewable energy, five years ahead of our original target,” said the CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Adam Selipsky. He further noted that the new renewable energy projects secured by Amazon in 2022 demonstrated the diversity of the company’s clean energy sources.


In addition to its overall procurement of 8.3GW of wind and solar energy, Amazon announced that it invested in 11 new renewable energy projects in Europe alone. These projects brought the company’s renewable energy capacity in the region to an additional 372MW, spanning across the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Finland.