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Apple’s Focus On India Grows As Company Reshuffles International Management

Apple is restructuring its international management to prioritize India as its own sales territory, marking the first time that India has received this distinction from the technology giant. This move shows India’s growing importance in Apple’s business strategy, with the Asian nation gaining prominence. Sources report that Apple has experienced a surge in demand in India, prompting this shift in focus toward the region’s unique opportunities and challenges.


Apple is reportedly making changes to its management following the retirement of its vice president of India, Middle East, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and Africa, Hughes Asseman; as per sources, the iPhone maker is elevating its India’s head, Ashish Chowdhary, who will now report directly to Michael Fenger, Apple’s head of product sales. However, a company spokesperson has declined to comment on the matter.


Despite a 5% decline in total sales, Apple has recorded record revenue in India in the last quarter. To further expand, the company has launched an online store and plans to open its first retail outlet in India later this year. During the last earnings call, CEO Tim Cook emphasized Apple’s efforts to tap into the Indian market. He likened the company’s approach to its early days in China, currently, its second-largest sales region after the US and Europe, generating around $75 billion annually for the tech giant.