News Update

Bhutan Delivered Vaccine Shots To 93% Of Adults In Two Weeks

According to its Ministry of Health, in less than two weeks, the country administered first doses to more than 93 per cent of eligible adults. Bhutan has delivered the first vaccine doses to a larger share of its population than any other nation besides Seychelles. It has outpaced developed nations, including the United Kingdom and Israel, that have implemented aggressive vaccination drives for several months. 


According to Bhutan’s Ministry of Health, by April 8, almost 472,000 people ranging from 18 to 104 years in age have been vaccinated. Officials are now asking the few remaining to get their shots, noting that King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck has indicated that he will not get vaccinated until everyone in the country does.


Additionally, the quick vaccine drive could subtly ramp up pressure on India to provide the additional doses that will be necessary for roughly 12 weeks, when virtually every adult in Bhutan will be due for their second shot.