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Canada’s Quinn Becomes First Trans-Olympic Medallist

Quinn, a Canadian footballer, in a first became the first openly transgender athlete to win an Olympic medal on Friday, August 6th, in another trailblazing moment at the Tokyo Games for the marginalised community.


Quinn, who goes by a single name and uses the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘their’, started the gold-medal match against Sweden, which Canada won following an exciting penalty shootout. The 25-year-old has a long history with the Canadian team, debuting in 2014 and winning bronze at the 2016 Rio Games, but he only came out as transgender last year.


“I wanted to be my authentic self in all spheres of my life and one of those is being in a public space,” Quinn said at the time. “So that was one of the reasons behind it, because I was tired of being misgendered and everything like that.”