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Chinese Tech Giant, Baidu Joins The AI Chatbot Race With Its Latest Launch

Baidu Inc, a leading Chinese internet search company, is set to unveil its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service in March. The service will function as a standalone application and eventually be integrated into the search engine. In line with its AI chatbot service launch, Baidu aims to incorporate chatbot-generated results into its search engine, providing users with a broader range of information beyond traditional links. The AI chatbot service will have similar capabilities as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, using machine learning algorithms to offer responses to user prompts in a human-like manner. The confidential information was shared by an anonymous source familiar with the matter.


ChatGPT is recognized for its abilities in professional tasks such as programming and essay writing, whereas existing Chinese chatbots focus mainly on social interaction. In addition to its AI chatbot service, Baidu is diversifying its revenue streams by exploring various fields such as cloud services, autonomous driving, and chips. The company aims to establish a strong presence in these industries and secure multiple sources of income to ensure sustainable growth. By venturing into new territories, Baidu seeks to expand its portfolio and provide comprehensive solutions to its customers.


Tech giants like Microsoft and Google have actively invested in artificial intelligence (AI) applications to streamline various user tasks. Reuters reported that Microsoft had made a $1 billion investment in San Francisco-based OpenAI to enhance its AI capabilities. These companies aim to lead the technological advancements in AI and stay ahead of the competition.