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Dyson Invests $1.1 Billion In New Singapore Plant And R&D

Dyson Ltd., the consumer electronics giant, is set to open a new plant in Singapore to manufacture next-generation batteries for its products as it increases its focus on software, artificial intelligence, and product development worldwide. The new facility, which will cover an area equivalent to 53 basketball courts, is expected to be fully operational by 2025. Dyson’s decision to build a new plant in Singapore is part of the firm’s $3.4 billion five-year investment plan. Dyson’s investment in Singapore is part of the company’s more extensive expansion plans in Asia-Pacific. In March of last year, Dyson opened its new global headquarters in Singapore and announced plans to invest $1.1 billion in expanding its research and engineering capabilities in the city-state.

In addition to the new Singapore plant, Dyson Ltd. has announced plans to open research and development campuses in the Philippines and the UK as part of the investment plan. The move aims to boost the company’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities, allowing it to bring new technology to market more quickly.

Dyson, known for its innovative and high-end consumer electronics, has recently ramped up its software, artificial intelligence, and product development efforts. With these new facilities, the company aims to strengthen its position as a leader in the industry and bring cutting-edge technology to consumers around the world.