News Update

Ethiopia’s Speed School Give Child Laborers A Second Chance At Education

An accelerated schooling program started by Luminos Fund, an education charity, is helping Ethiopian children resume studies cut short by conflict, child labour, and poverty. Children who enroll in the 10-month speed school programme cover the same learning outcomes as others in the first three years of school – and eventually rejoin mainstream classes in the fourth grade. The charity has currently helped more than 2,000 other children in Ethiopia get back to the classroom this term and is hoping to enroll more students in the next term.


“We really work with the most vulnerable children at the margins, who have been denied the chance to learn,” said Caitlin Baron, CEO & Founder of Luminos Fund, the education charity behind the praise-worthy programme.


“The government has done its part in order to make education access possible. But the system is so stretched that when children are at the margins there’s no practical way for the government schooling system to actually provide remediation and give children a second chance,” said Baron.