News Update

Facebook Said It Would Add New Safety Features, Notably For Teens On Instagram, After Bombshell Whistleblower Leak

Facebook will implement new tools to limit the political scope, divert users away from harmful content and give parents more control over their teen’s Instagram accounts. Nick Clegg, the company’s Vice President of Global Affairs, told several morning news shows.


Clegg did not elaborate on the details of the tools; however, he told ABC’s ‘This Week’ that one measure would urge users who are on Instagram for long periods to ‘take a break.’ Another feature would nudge teens looking at content classified as harmful to their well-being to look at something else, he added. Clegg also said the company had planned Instagram Kids, a service for children 13 and younger that was recently paused, would be a part of the solution.


“We have no commercial incentive to do anything other than try and make sure that the experience is positive,” Clegg said. “We can’t change human nature. We always see bad things online. We can do everything we can to try to reduce and mitigate them.”