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Global Leaders Today Turns 1!

Global Leaders Today is proud to announce the completion of one year of sharing inspiring leadership stories. We would like to thank our entire team working relentlessly at Global Leaders Today, our staff writers, the design team, the administration department, the management and all our freelancers for their contribution to making this magazine a success. We would also like to thank our leaders who came forward to share their brilliant stories and gave our readers an insight into the struggles they had to endure to reach their peak. And last but not least, we would like to thank each and every one of our readers for always supporting us and being with us every step of the way.


While the pandemic brought the world to a halt, leadership evolved with an empathetic approach. It served as an inspiration to start a magazine where such stories could be told as powerful reminders to aspiring leaders across the globe that great leadership can help us endure the toughest of times- in business and in life. 


During these past twelve months, the magazine has curated phenomenal journeys of leaders in the arena of technology, environment, politics, business, art, social causes and more. We have found leaders creating an impact in countries as diverse as the USA, Australia, Kenya, Iraq, India, China, Japan, Israel, Denmark, New Zealand, Nigeria, Malawi and the United Kingdom and hope to cover every country in the world soon.


GLT carefully curates all the content featured in the magazine, every profile featured is selected after extensive research, in-depth analysis, and a stringent set of established parameters by the GLT team. The organization intends to ensure that we profile a leader who has an authentic story to share and a purpose that goes beyond the financial motivators to serve a larger cause. We seek to identify leaders who drive the phenomenal holistic growth of their companies, their employees, their stakeholders, and the larger community that they serve and are glad to note that we have accomplished this goal in 2021. 


2021 has been an incredible journey for us at Global Leaders Today, sharing insights from top leaders in our articles to collaborating with global events such as IRECMS and Global Business Forum – ASEAN with many more lined up for 2022. 


We are overwhelmed by the response we have received this year and are glad that we were able to publish an issue every month in 2021. However, GLT has now decided to shift to a quarterly magazine but will introduce other verticals that will be released every month to keep all our dear readers engaged. We hope you will support us during this transition and help us grow the magazine with every step we take.


In the future, GLT plans to establish an online learning platform to help leaders across the world enhance their leadership skills as the world continues to evolve. We also plan to host our first GLT Awards for Inspiring Leaders in 2022, and we look forward to numerous nominations when we make our announcement in the future.


This one year has been filled with multiple milestones for our organization, and we hope that with each passing year, we may be able to empower, enrich and add more verticals to our brand that can connect to all our stakeholders. Cheers to the Global Leaders Today family!