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In A First, Top Beef Supplier Approve Methane-Busting Feed Additive That Reduces Gas By 55%

In response to global warming concerns, the world’s largest beef exporter has approved the sale of a feed additive that reportedly cuts methane emissions from beef and dairy cattle. Regulators in Chile and Brazil have granted full market authorization for Royal DSM’s Bovaer to be given to cows, goats, and sheep, the company said in a statement.


The methane-reducing additive obtained its first approval after a 10-year collaboration named Project Clean Cow. Its success in 48 scientific trials on farms in four continents across 13 countries and peer-reviewed studies were published in various scientific journals.


“A beef trial with Bovaer at Sao Paolo State University (UNESP) in Brazil conducted in 2016-2017, showed enteric methane emission reductions up to 55%, which highlights the potential for radically more sustainable cattle farming in Latin America to further lower their carbon footprint,” said Mauricio Adade, President DSM Latin America.