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In A New Clinical Trial, The First Human Patient Was Injected With A ‘Revolutionary’ Cancer-Killing Virus

The first human patient was injected with a ‘revolutionary’ cancer-killing virus known as Vaxinia. The virus has been designed to kill cancer cells, producing promising results in previous animal trials. The scientists hope the virus will amplify the body’s immune system response to better fight against cancer cells.


In the recent trial, the researchers ensured that the virus was not only cancer-killing but also had the ability to make itself more recognizable to the body’s immune system. The vaccine is being tested in Phase 1 with a sample size of 100 patients with a metastatic or advanced solid tumor who have already tried at least two other treatments.


The scientist will administer the drugs in two groups, with the first receiving Vaxinia and the other group receiving the cancer-killing virus plus an immunotherapy drug. The trial is expected to be completed by 2025. Scientists have already seen tremendous success when testing the virus on animals, which was able to shrink the tumor exponentially. While a successful animal trial is not an indicator of success in human trials, scientists are still hopeful this might open up new avenues to help humans fight cancer.