News Update

In An Attempt To Encourage Fans To Vote, The NBA Won’t Hold Games On Election Day

The NBA has decided not to hold any games on November 8th, Election Day for the US 2022 midterms, in an effort to focus on encouraging fans to vote. The NBA says that over the next few months, their teams will provide information on their state’s voting process and voter registration deadlines in order to help fans make a plan to vote.

435 House seats will be up for grabs in November, as well as more than 30 Senate seats and gubernatorial races. During the weeks leading up to November 8th, the league encourages teams to share election information, like registration deadlines, with their fan bases. “It’s unusual. We don’t usually change the schedule for an external event,” says the Executive Director of the National Basketball Social Justice Coalition, James Cadogan. “Voting and Election Day are unique and very important to our democracy.”

 “The scheduling decision came from the NBA family’s focus on promoting nonpartisan civic engagement and encouraging fans to make a plan to vote during midterm elections,” the league said in a tweet.