News Update

Maserati Will Offer Electric Versions Of All Its Cars By 2025

Chief Executive Officer Davide Grasso told reporters that Maserati will make an electric version of all of its models by 2025 during a conference call on March 17th. Grasso said the company also plans to phase out all of its internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030, although he declined to give a firm deadline. “That’s the landing spot,” he said. “The consumer decides. As of today, the plan is to offer only BEVs [battery electric vehicles] by 2030,” a spokesperson confirmed in a follow-up email.


Executives participating in the call described the new electric models as part of a range called Maserati Folgore. It will include the all-new electric Grecale SUV, which will debut next week after a half-year delay due to computer chip shortages and the new electric GranTurismo, due out next year. The fully electric versions of the MC20 supercar, electric Levante SUV and electric Quattroporte sports sedan are expected in 2025.


The announcement came as Stellantis NV’s only luxury brand reported a slight increase in its global market share, to 2.4%, for 2021. According to a company report, Maserati’s market share increased to 2.9% and 2.7% in North America and China. It recorded 41% year-over-year growth last year, with 24,269 vehicles delivered worldwide.