News Update

Needle-Free Air-Powered COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Begins In UK

Scientists at the University of Cambridge on December 14, Tuesday, began a clinical trial of an air-powered needle-free vaccine, which is expected to help combat future variants of COVID-19. Professor Jonathan Heeney developed it at the University of Cambridge and spin-out company DIOSynVax; the new DIOSvax technology is dubbed a next-generation coronavirus vaccine administered through a blast of air that will deliver the dose into the skin.


It offers a possible alternative to people who fear needle-based vaccination jabs. If successful, it could be scaled up and manufactured to boost global vaccination efforts, particularly in middle and low-income countries. “The response of the scientific and medical communities to the development and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines has been incredible, but as new variants emerge and immunity begins to wane, we need newer technologies,” said Heeney.


“It’s vital that we continue to develop new generation vaccine candidates ready to help keep us safe from the next virus threats. Our vaccine is innovative, both in terms of the way it primes the immune system to respond with a broader protective response to coronaviruses and how it is delivered,” he said.