News Update

Nuclear Superyacht To Offer Eco-Tours Worth $3 Million

A nuclear-powered yacht full of activists, scientists and billionaires, are sailing the world and examining our oceans. That’s entrepreneur Aaron Olivera’s dream; he believes the novel vessel will help raise environmental awareness and help us move in the right direction.  

The ship is called the Earth 300. It was designed by Ivan Salas Jefferson, a superyacht specialist. It is almost 60 meters high and 300 meters long, and it will be able to accommodate 425 people. Most of those will be students, staff and scientists travelling at no cost. Several wealthy tourists, housed in luxury suites, will pay $3 million each for a 10-day journey to help make the venture profitable. 


“We wanted the sphere to inspire whoever looks at it to save the planet,” Olivera said, in a restaurant that was once the ticket hall for ferries to Singapore’s outer islands. “Imagine if we could build an object that would galvanize people around the planet.” He calls the ship “The Eiffel Tower of our generation.”