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Portugal Has Made It Illegal For Employers To Call Employees After Work

Remote workers in Portugal can now see a healthier work-life balance under new labour laws approved by the country’s parliament. The new rules approved on Friday, November 12th are a response to the explosion of home working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Portugal’s ruling Socialist Party said.


Under the new rules, bosses could face penalties for contacting workers after office hours. Companies will also have to help pay for expenses incurred by remote workers, such as higher internet and electricity bills. But the amendments to Portugal’s labour laws have certain limits: they will not apply to companies with fewer than ten employees.


Ana Mendes Godinho, the Minister of Labour and Social Security of Portugal, said, “The pandemic has accelerated the need to regulate what needs to be regulated.” She has also claimed that this could be a practical step in making Portugal one of the best places to work globally and an excellent way to attract ‘digital nomads’ to Portugal.