News Update

Sainsbury’s Significantly Reduces Plastic From The Halloween Range

Since last year, Sainsbury’s has considerably reduced plastic across its Halloween range, removing 15 tonnes from circulation. The grocer said it has ‘significantly’ reduced plastic used across its decorative Halloween items by eliminating plastic lamination from its bowls range and paper plates.


It has redesigned its trick or treat buckets to be created using paper instead of plastic and has also eliminated plastic packaging out of wreaths, signs, and lights. Sainsbury’s said it is also encouraging customers to reduce food waste by selling edible pumpkins. Earlier this year, Sainsbury’s announced that 520 stores would offer recycling for typically hard-to-recycle flexible plastics, including salad pouches and crisp packets, items not easily recycled by local authorities.


“We’re committed to reducing plastic packaging across branded and our own brand products by 50 per cent by 2025 and halving food waste across our value chain by 2030, which is why we continue to look at ways we can reduce our impact not only in our business but by helping our customers do the same,” Sainsbury’s Head of Technical and Ethical, Stephen Johnson said.