News Update

Spain Announces Free Fertility Treatments For LGBTQ+ Individuals With An Inclusive New Bill

In November, Carolina Darias, the country’s Health Minister, signed the order that allowed single women, non-binary people, queer women and trans women to receive free IVF treatments. The move had been long demanded by the LGBTQ+ activists and allies who have previously called on the government to reinstate the inclusion of single women and queer individuals within the bill’s guidelines.


The move is also a part of the Socialist-led Spanish government’s drive for inclusion and equality, which has also observed a record number of women appointed to the Cabinet. Fertility treatment is free in the country, but six years ago, the conservative Popular Party government curtailed it to heterosexual women who have a partner, forcing others to pay for private treatment.


Shortly after signing the order, Darias took to Twitter to praise the initiative and said that the government has ‘restored rights.’ “Starting today, single women, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people will have access to [reproductive technologies] on the [public health service],” she wrote. “We have restored rights that should never have been abolished.”