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Spain Will Offer Three Days ‘Menstrual Leave’ To Women Every Month

Women who suffer from painful period cramps will be offered respite in Spain. They will be given menstrual leaves from work for up to three days a month. According to a reform plan that is due to get approved by Spain’s government on Tuesday, 17th May, the country will become the first Western country to offer menstrual leaves under which women will be able to get time off to nurse their cramps. Spain will follow the example of other countries that already have this policy, including – Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Zambia.


The Spanish Gynecology and Obstetrics Society have claimed that around one-third of women who have periods suffer from severe pain called dysmenorrhea. The symptoms include extreme cramping that occurs before or during the time a woman is menstruating. Other symptoms also include diarrhea, headaches, fever and stomach pain.

The Secretary of State for Equality, Angela Rodriguez, says, “If someone has an illness with such symptoms, a temporary disability is granted, so the same should happen with menstruation – allowing a woman with an excruciating period to stay at home.”