Explore Tesla CFO Kirkhorn's wealth accumulation during his tenure, contrasting with CEO Elon Musk's remarkable net worth.
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Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn Departs Amassing $590 Million Fortune

Zachary Kirkhorn, who recently resigned from his position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Tesla on
August 7th, managed to accumulate a substantial net worth of $590 million during his tenure spanning
four years, as revealed by data compiled by Bloomberg. This significant sum primarily comprises Tesla
shares and options that he received as part of his compensation package. However, in the world of
Tesla’s upper echelons, Kirkhorn’s amassed fortune is overshadowed by the towering net worth of the
company’s CEO and renowned “technoking,” Elon Musk. Musk’s net worth stands at a staggering $230.6
billion, securing his position as the world’s wealthiest individual, as per the esteemed Bloomberg
Billionaires Index.

In contrast to Kirkhorn’s trajectory, he, along with other Tesla executives, did not participate in the
substantial remuneration arrangement that the Tesla board bestowed upon Musk in 2018. This
monumental pay package propelled Musk’s ascent to the apex of global wealth rankings. Kirkhorn’s
compensation package, aside from a collection of options valued at approximately $550 million, appears
comparatively modest. In 2022, he received a base salary of $300,000 and an additional $31,099, which
had previously accrued as paid time off, and was directed towards the acquisition of a Tesla vehicle.
These revelations emerge from the most recent proxy filing submitted by the company.

As for Kirkhorn’s post-Tesla plans, his future endeavors remain undisclosed. With an educational
background that includes degrees from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, the engineer in his
late 30s has been an integral part of the Tesla team since 2010, working alongside Musk. Regarded by
analysts as a composed and deliberate presence in contrast to Musk’s more exuberant approach during
earnings calls, Kirkhorn’s professional journey also features previous roles as an analyst at McKinsey &
Co, and internships at Microsoft.