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This Ugandan Village Is Built On Solar Power And Sustainbility Principles

A small intentional community in rural Uganda is drawing on green technology, local resources, and old-school philosophy to create a thriving village. Okere Mom-Kok was destroyed in the 1980s during the Ugandan Civil War. It is now being rebuilt into a sustainable community housing 4,000 people. The city is based around sustainable principles like renewable energy and the sustainable harvesting of natural resources.


The village has a clinic, church, school, a nightclub that doubles as a community centre, markets, bars, and a bank. Electricity is generated through solar energy and is available to everyone. Clean water is available through modern borehole methods, keeps the all-too-normal cholera outbreaks in the region at bay.


An expert in international development and graduate of the London School of Economics, Ojok Okello started the project with a $54,000 investment from his pocket. The village of Okere Mom-Kok was where he had some extended family, and it was during a visit, he decided to put what he learned in university into action.