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Victoria’s Secret Introduces The First Model With Down’s Syndrome

American lingerie and beauty brand Victoria’s Secret has introduced its first model with Down’s syndrome, Sofia Jirau. She is from Puerto Rico, and it was always her dream to work for the brand. Victoria’s Secret got her on board for the campaign of their new collection, ‘The Love Cloud.’


The retail company shared a photograph of the model on Instagram, with the caption, “By age 25, Puerto Rican model, Sofia Jirau, has already conquered her ultimate dream: to model on the most important runways in the world. In 2019, Sofia launched the online store, Alavett, selling clothing, accessories, and home products”.


Jirau’s debut with Victoria’s Secret will make waves for people living with a disability and help motivate others to ‘breakthrough their self-imposed limitations,’ her website reads. “For me, the most important thing about fulfilling my dreams is to show people around the world that there are no limits and to inspire them to pursue their own dreams,” Jirau adds.