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Warren Buffett’s Son Donates $2.7 Million For Ukraine Aid After Meeting With Zelenskyy

Howard Buffett, son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, has donated millions of dollars from his foundation to support war-struck Ukraine after meeting with the country’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The Howard G. Buffett Foundation has donated $2.7 million to the citizen-funded nonprofit Spirit of America, delivering nine 50-passenger buses to the Ukrainian Territory Defense Forces. The Buffett Foundation also funded 375 advanced trauma kits for Ukrainian soldiers fighting the war against the Russians.


“I’ve never quite seen anything like this in my lifetime,” Buffett said on Monday, June 13th. “It’s millions of refugees trying to leave the country, and it’s just an overwhelming situation. I believe we’ve got to support Ukraine in this fight. It’s a difficult fight for them.” Buffett, the CEO and Chairman of Howard G. Buffett Foundation and the Director at Berkshire Hathaway met with Zelenskyy on Wednesday, June 8th, in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv to extend a helping hand to the country.


“We appreciate this signal of solidarity,” Zelenskyy tweeted on Wednesday. “Expressed gratitude for the humanitarian support. Invited him to join projects on restoring irrigation systems in the Odessa region, demining and school nutrition reform.”