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Access revolutionary Amazon Clinic virtual care nationwide. Video doctor visits with multiple telehealth providers, no insurance accepted.
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Amazon Expands Virtual Care Service To All 50 States With Amazon Clinic Video Visits

In a groundbreaking move, Amazon has now launched its Amazon Clinic video doctor visits in all 50
states, revolutionizing the landscape of virtual healthcare services. The expansion allows patients to
connect with “multiple telehealth provider groups” through the platform, with each group setting its
own rates for service. With an average cost of $75 per visit, patients can access quality medical care with
ease. However, it’s worth noting that Amazon will not accept insurance for these visits.

Prior to this expansion, Amazon offered a message-based version of its virtual care service in 32 states,
providing patients with a secure portal to communicate with clinicians about medical concerns and
establish treatment plans. This version came at a lower cost, with an average of $35 per session.
However, regulatory challenges limited the message-based service to just two additional states. The new
Amazon Clinic service is available through the Amazon Prime mobile app or the company’s website,
offering a seamless experience for patients seeking medical assistance.

With the Amazon Clinic, patients have the freedom to choose the specific type of care they need, select
a telehealth provider based on pricing and wait time estimates, and complete an intake form that
includes a HIPAA agreement to initiate their virtual visit. Amazon Prime membership is not a prerequisite to access the clinic, but it does come with added benefits, including access to the company’s RxPass

Unprecedented population decline in Japan as all 47 prefectures witness drop. Urgent measures needed to address demographic challenges.
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For The First Time, All 47 Prefectures Experience Population Decline In Japan

Japan’s population experienced a significant decline in 2022, dropping by 801,000 Japanese nationals compared to the previous year, according to government data released on Wednesday, July 26th....

South Africa's eco-friendly ambitions soar with a hydrogen port! Renewable energy drives green hydrogen production for global exports.
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South Africa’s Hydrogen Plans Gain Traction With Boegoebaai Port

South Africa is taking significant strides towards establishing a new port for the export of hydrogen derivatives and other commodities. The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), a division of...

Discover UAE's ambitious COP28 climate goals. A transformative vision for a sustainable future, inspiring global action.
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UAE’s COP28 President Jaber Sets Ambitious Goals For Global Climate Summit

At the heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) vision for COP28 lies a compelling and transformative set of goals that resonate with the urgent need to address the global climate crisis. Spearheaded by...

Dutch Cabinet achieves gender parity with Mariëlle Paul's appointment. A significant milestone towards equality.
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For The First Time In History, Dutch Cabinet Sees A Female Majority

In a groundbreaking moment for the Netherlands, history has been made as the Dutch cabinet now boasts a majority of women for the very first time. The once male-dominated political landscape has undergone...

ai chatbot commercial use
News Update

Meta and Microsoft Team Up to Release AI Chatbot For Commercial Use

In a bold move that has the tech world buzzing, Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, has unveiled its latest marvel: LLaMA 2, an artificial intelligence system set to rival the best in the...

Explore the Grace Hopper Superchip upgrade.
News Update

Nvidia Introduces Enhanced AI Chip Configuration to Accelerate Generative AI Applications

In a significant stride towards enhancing artificial intelligence capabilities, Nvidia (NVDA.O) has revealed a novel configuration for its advanced AI chips, adeptly tailored to accelerate the processing...

Discover Singapore's pioneering net-zero solutions, from innovative undersea cables to district cooling and offshore solar farms.
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Singapore Aims For Net-Zero Emissions By 2050 With Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

To attain this vision of net zero emissions by 2050, Singapore is breaking new ground with innovative solutions to address its unique challenges. One groundbreaking initiative involves the possibility of...

Fitch downgrades US sovereign credit to AA+ amid soaring deficits & governance concerns. Impact on economy sparks debates. Treasury yields fluctuate.
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Fitch Downgrades US Credit Rating Amid Soaring Deficits

In a major blow to the US economy, Fitch Ratings has stripped the nation of its prestigious AAA sovereign credit grade. The credit rating agency cited alarming concerns over the country’s ballooning...

Climate financing For Africa
News Update

COP28 President-Designate Al Jaber Calls For Climate Financing For Africa

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, president-designate of COP28, called for scaling up investments to help African countries transition to green energy sources. Speaking at the Africa Energy Forum in Nairobi, Al...