July – September 2022

Witness the inspirational leadership in the technology sector in  Global Leaders Today’s July-September Quarterly Edition as we shine a spotlight on the extraordinary individuals driving innovation in the technology sector. Witness how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have reshaped the digital landscape, propelling us into a realm where robot waiters serve in hotels and virtual learning experiences transport us across the globe. 

Discover how the cloud has revolutionized storage capacity and transmission bandwidth, empowering organizations with cost savings and enhanced technology access. Uncover the true value of data as the goldmine shaping product innovation and targeted marketing strategies. With COVID-19 acting as a catalyst, technology leaders are embracing diverse responsibilities, driving organizations to adapt, and transforming risks into opportunities. 

Immerse yourself in the world of tech leadership as we explore the industry’s growth, disruptive trends, and the remarkable individuals driving lasting change. Join us as we unveil their visionary abilities and inspire a global network of leaders to shape the future of business practices and benefit organizations worldwide.

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