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Access revolutionary Amazon Clinic virtual care nationwide. Video doctor visits with multiple telehealth providers, no insurance accepted.
News Update

Amazon Expands Virtual Care Service To All 50 States With Amazon Clinic Video Visits

In a groundbreaking move, Amazon has now launched its Amazon Clinic video doctor visits in all 50
states, revolutionizing the landscape of virtual healthcare services. The expansion allows patients to
connect with “multiple telehealth provider groups” through the platform, with each group setting its
own rates for service. With an average cost of $75 per visit, patients can access quality medical care with
ease. However, it’s worth noting that Amazon will not accept insurance for these visits.

Prior to this expansion, Amazon offered a message-based version of its virtual care service in 32 states,
providing patients with a secure portal to communicate with clinicians about medical concerns and
establish treatment plans. This version came at a lower cost, with an average of $35 per session.
However, regulatory challenges limited the message-based service to just two additional states. The new
Amazon Clinic service is available through the Amazon Prime mobile app or the company’s website,
offering a seamless experience for patients seeking medical assistance.

With the Amazon Clinic, patients have the freedom to choose the specific type of care they need, select
a telehealth provider based on pricing and wait time estimates, and complete an intake form that
includes a HIPAA agreement to initiate their virtual visit. Amazon Prime membership is not a prerequisite to access the clinic, but it does come with added benefits, including access to the company’s RxPass