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South Africa's eco-friendly ambitions soar with a hydrogen port! Renewable energy drives green hydrogen production for global exports.
News Update

South Africa’s Hydrogen Plans Gain Traction With Boegoebaai Port

South Africa is taking significant strides towards establishing a new port for the export of hydrogen
derivatives and other commodities. The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), a division of Transnet
SOC Ltd, has announced the selection of three consortiums to advance the development of the
Boegoebaai port on the northwest coast of South Africa, along with its associated rail infrastructure. The
chosen consortiums, namely Boegoebaai Port & Rail Consortium, Boegoebaai Development Consortium,
and Project Elephant Consort, will be invited to present their proposals for designing, funding, and
constructing the port. The move comes as South Africa seeks to leverage its abundant wind and solar
resources on the arid west coast to produce renewable energy for the production of green hydrogen and
other eco-friendly products like green ammonia, paving the way for potential hydrogen exports.
The Boegoebaai port project has attracted considerable interest, with eight consortiums comprising local
and foreign companies vying for the opportunity. While the specific participants within each selected
group were not disclosed in TNPA’s statement. With a vast expanse of renewable resources available,

South Africa aims to harness these energies to generate green hydrogen, which has significant market
potential and can fuel the production of various sustainable goods for global trade.
As the country moves forward with its plans for the Boegoebaai port and renewable energy-driven
hydrogen production, stakeholders eagerly await detailed proposals from the consortiums. The
successful establishment of this port infrastructure could position South Africa as a major player in the
green hydrogen export market, unlocking new economic opportunities and reinforcing its commitment
to environmental sustainability.