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Tapping into Human Potential: Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali

Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali is a lifelong knowledge seeker and learner with a Ph.D. in Unveiling Dubai’s Knowledge Economy – a journey towards enhancing knowledge exchange  and human capital certified in Rockence Genetic Behavior Analyses; he envisions leaving “No mind behind.” Among his many accolades, he has received licenses and certifications such as “Trainers Training Strategy in Rockence Genetic Behavior” and the coveted ” Outstanding Leadership Award for Education and Continuous Learning.”


From his early days, Dr. Eng. Mohamed’s insatiable curiosity about people and their true selves has been the driving force of his career. He mused, “Do you know the analogy – are you a looker, listener, or doer? If you consider me with this analogy, I am a looker. But I have found that when I start a conversation with someone, they are far from what I presumed them to be. And I wanted to know if there is a way where people can know their true self.”


Interestingly, his professional journey didn’t commence in this field but boasts a diverse history over several decades, which has aided in his mission. In 1990, Dr. Eng. Mohamed started his professional journey at Etisalat, initially focusing on Basic Engineering.  Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali was selected by the Planning Department to take care of Area Land Development and to give No Objection Permissions to the building’s consultants and contractors, Road Works projects, and Utility Services. 


He was the main coordinator of the project “Work Order Collaboration System,” which

merges the Maps along with the Etisalat Network. Further, the main coordinator of the project “Work Order Collaboration System” that merges the Maps along with Etisalat Network. The feather on the cap was, of course, geared toward learning how to be a professional in Geographic Information Systems ( GIS) to manage all the Underground network and Etisalat database.


His contributions extended to becoming a member of the Sharjah Town Addressing System. Since 2013, he has been working with one of the entities of the Dubai Government.


The birth of Smart Inspiration UAE Training


However, his true passion lies with Smart Inspiration UAE Training. This dream finally became a reality in 2019 when he found the ideal Chief Trainer to lead the center. This vision for Smart Inspiration UAE Training finds its roots in Dr. Eng. Mohamed’s enduring fascination with understanding people. He reflects on his inquisitive approach, akin to being a “looker,” and how his interactions often revealed stark differences from his initial perceptions. This sparked a profound question – can we truly understand our authentic selves? This question led him to the intriguing world of Rockence Genetic Behavior Analysis, thanks to Dr. Berty J Rockence’s patent rights.


Passionately explaining this, Dr. Eng. Mohamed says: Rockence Genetic Behavior Analysis is a science where, with psychobiometrics or fingerprint analysis, we understand the genetic behavior of every individual. The studies reveal brain type,  mind frame,  skills, competencies, behaviors, learning preference, functional style, and more.” 


Delving deeper, he explains, “You may ask how does a fingerprint help? Well, our fingerprint reflects our brains. An embryo’s brain development coincides with fingerprint formation from the 10th to the 19th week of pregnancy. It reveals every mother’s well-being or stress during this crucial period, influencing a child’s inborn state and potential adult behavior, if not trained.”


Personal Development and Transformation

Dr. Eng. Mohamed firmly believes that understanding the genetic behavior of each individual is the cornerstone for transformation. He says, “This process allows us to identify the training points for each individual, nurturing growth in areas that require improvement and fortifying those where progress is already evident. With the analyses in hand, we begin training the students in a one-on-one session to maximize the abilities into capabilities.” The result is a holistic approach to personal development that leverages an individual’s unique genetic behavior as a roadmap for growth.


This fascination with understanding the human psyche led him to a dedicated focus on Personality Development and Behavioral Skills, a core discipline at his training center, Smart Inspiration UAE Training. Witnessing his students, both young and old, undergo significant transformations during a minimum six-month training process based on the Rockence Genetic Behavior Analysis Report has solidified his belief that every individual has the capacity to convert innate abilities into tangible capabilities. “I believe I found my answer – all human beings can be trained for their abilities to be transformed into capabilities,” he affirms.


Dr. Eng. Mohamed’s work extends beyond analysis; it encompasses an actionable plan for change. “However, even as the report showcases room for improvement, the food program and kinesthetic activity, along with skill management, are put in place, and we can see how the student – the child or the adult transforms. We have students from 6 years to 68 years learning their genetic profiles through our Personality Development sessions and transforming their behavior skills through the 6-month training period – the training periods may extend to one year or beyond, depending on the consistency of the student towards doing the instructions advised in class.


The approach at Smart Inspiration UAE Training

At Smart Inspiration UAE Training, the pursuit of knowledge is not confined to the classroom. It is a dynamic learning and implementation process, focusing on the four essential perceptions: Cognitive, Effective, Critical, and Reflective. Dr. Eng. Mohamed and his team employ the powerful tool of Rockence Genetic Report Analysis to reveal the unique graph of each individual’s perceptions. They craft tailored plans to enhance or diminish specific perceptions that encompass each learner’s food, exercise, and thought processes.


Dr. Eng. Mohamed elaborates on their approach: “When we speak about Creative Mind, I must add that every individual can work effectively with his or her mind frames – Creative, Active, and Academic though one mind frame may be dominant. We train students in this aspect.” We add holistic approaches to the scientific approach – it acknowledges the individual’s innate disposition and equips them with the tools to excel in their area of strength, fostering well-rounded growth.


At Smart Inspiration UAE Training, this respect for individuality is at the core of their approach – a commitment to not label anyone and training all minds. “I must say there is a genius in everyone,” he states with conviction. It’s an inclusive philosophy that sees the potential in all and aims to empower every mind.


Case Study and Practical Impact


Dr. Eng. Mohamed’s work is an intricate dance between understanding the neuro-chemical wiring of individuals and guiding them to change their behavior and personality. Dr. Eng. Mohamed illustrates the practical impact of Genetic Behavior Analysis through a compelling case study: “We had an 8-year-old student. His parents were not sure if his behavior had a label. They were anxious to know the root cause of their son’s behavior, and when we did the fingerprint before training, we found that his logic was static.” The keen insights from the fingerprint analysis revealed the key to transforming this young individual.”


“We told the parents that they needed to add at least 100 grams of spinach, and while we would focus on creative drawing and writing, they needed to support us by allowing their son to dribble the ball daily and play basketball.” The prescribed changes were simple yet profound, tailored to address the root cause of his behavior.


Dr. Eng. Mohamed shares the heartwarming outcome: “Today, four months later, he is back in school, and in the first month after discontinuing for more than two years  (when parents were searching for answers), he received the best student of the month.”


Future Research and Vision

Dr. Eng. Mohamed is currently working on doing further research on Management traits, Leadership traits, Communication traits, and deeper work on the Autism spectrum with genetic report analysis. He is also working on simple research for the benefit of sustainable organization charts, realistic assessments at the workplace, recruitment, and workplace behavior with the support of the Rockence Genetic Behavior Analysis Report. 


Dr. Eng. Mohamed’s vision reaches far beyond personal growth; it encompasses his homeland, the United Arab Emirates, and the global community. He passionately says, “My country, the UAE, and the entire world can reap the rewards.” In his vision of the future, he sees the leadership of the UAE and organizations worldwide adopting more effective recruitment and placement methods, coupled with a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of behavior.