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Transforming Pediatric Care: Dr. Wafaa Faysal's visionary leadership in asthma management and children's health.
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From Asthma to Championing Children’s Health: Dr. Wafaa Faysal

Dr. Wafaa Faysal is a highly accomplished Consultant Pediatrician and Head of the Department of Pediatrics at Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centers in Dubai. She has extensive experience in the field of pediatrics, having worked in various medical centers in Dubai, Beirut, and Riyadh. Dr. Wafaa is also a well-regarded educator, serving as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at Sharjah University, College of Medicine, and a lecturer at the Lebanese University and Beirut Arab University. In addition, she is a President of the Global Pediatric Congress and an active social media influencer, using her platform to raise awareness about health issues. Dr. Wafaa is also a prolific researcher, with several publications in the field of Pediatrics, including articles on iron deficiency anemia, functional GI disorders, and bacillus Clamette-Guerin osteomyelitis. 


Dr. Wafaa was raised in a family with strong role models who instilled important values, including integrity, honesty, humility, generosity, serving others, and empathy. She says, “Despite my father’s position as a leader in the education sector in Lebanon, he demonstrated humility by always remaining grounded and close to all people. While my mother taught me the value of generosity and the importance of serving others, even if it comes at a personal cost.” She continues, “My name, which translates to ‘loyalty’ in English, reflects a core value deeply ingrained in me, along with respect and empathy, which are central to my family and culture.”


As a child, Dr. Wafaa was diagnosed with asthma, a chronic illness that became a defining moment in her life. This experience inspired her to make it her mission to help children in need of medical attention and become a doctor who could positively impact the lives of those around her.


Despite a lack of representation in the medical field in her family, Dr. Wafaa’s desire to provide medical advice and support to her loved ones was motivated by her upbringing and the values instilled in her. She wanted to fulfill her family’s desire and become the first doctor in their family. 


When asked why she chose a career in the medical field, Dr. Wafaa shared, “The choice was influenced by societal norms that favored high academic achievement and often directed students towards fields like medicine or engineering. However, my personal desire to serve and make a difference in people’s lives was what ultimately guided me toward a career in the medical field. I am proud to be able to fulfill this desire and assist others in a meaningful way.”


With her extensive experience as the Head of Pediatrics at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Wafaa has been instrumental in establishing one of the finest pediatric departments in the UAE. Her passion for quality healthcare and her unwavering commitment to serving others has driven her to aim for the best possible care for her patients consistently.


In her current role as a Consultant Pediatrician and Head of Department at Medcare, Dr. Wafaa has consistently demonstrated her relentless dedication to both her patients and her team. With a deep understanding of the importance of empathy and accommodation when dealing with patients, Dr. Wafaa provides her team with the necessary resources and support to ensure their success. Her passion for quality healthcare and commitment to serving others shines through in her work, and she continues to make a positive impact in the lives of those around her.


In addition to her role at Medcare, Dr. Wafaa also serves as the President of the Global Pediatric Congress. Through this platform, she is dedicated to advancing the field of pediatrics and keeping pediatricians informed of the latest advancements. With her experience as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at Sharjah University’s College of Medicine, and her roles as an Assistant Professor at Beirut Arab University and a Lecturer at the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Wafaa is well-respected in both academia and the medical community. 


Dr. Wafaa is also a social media activist, using her YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook pages to raise awareness about health and education. She is a sought-after speaker, having presented at Pediatrics events and conferences, and is a coordinator of the International Pediatric Summit Congress and a member of the scientific committee of the Pediatric Middle East Allergy and Respiratory conference. Furthermore, Dr. Wafaa’s expertise is also recognized outside of academia, as she is a lecturer in the education program at Clemenceau Medical Center. 


However, her path to success has not been without its challenges. As a Lebanese, Dr. Wafaa faced the common challenge of seeking opportunities abroad. But, as she says, “these challenges only fueled her drive to succeed and make a positive impact on herself and those around her.” She continues, “In the medical profession, continuous self-improvement and learning are imperative in order to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best possible care for patients. Competition is not with others, but rather with one’s own ability to give more and strive for excellence every day.”


Throughout her career, Dr. Wafaa has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the medical field. She has received the prestigious Rose Award from Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital and numerous certificates of appreciation from the Dubai Health Authority. In addition, she has been invited to speak at several conferences, showcasing her expertise and sharing her insights with fellow medical professionals. 


To conclude, she shares valuable advice for young leaders: “Always lead by example and inspire others to follow suit. A clear vision and mission should be kept in mind, guiding all actions toward a common goal.”