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Discover China's ambitious endeavor of drilling the deepest hole ever on Earth, exploring the planet's formation and pushing the boundaries of deep Earth sciences.
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China Begins Drilling Deepest Hole Ever Drilled On Earth

Scientists in China have begun drilling a hole over 10,000 meters (32,808 feet) deep into the Earth’s crust, a project that could yield new insights into the planet’s formation and evolution. The drilling project, led by the country’s largest oil producer China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC), began Tuesday, June 2nd, in the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang province. The project is expected to take 457 days and will cost an estimated $1 billion.


The drilling process will penetrate more than ten layers of the Earth’s crust and reach the Cretaceous system, consisting of rock dating back to 145 million years. The project is expected to provide data on the Earth’s internal structure, including its composition, temperature, and pressure. The project is part of China’s efforts to become a leader in deep Earth sciences. In a 2021 speech, Chinese President Xi Jinping named deep Earth sciences one of four strategic frontiers to explore.


The project could have several benefits, including identifying new mineral and energy resources, assessing the risks of environmental disasters like earthquakes and volcano eruptions, and developing new technologies for deep-sea exploration and drilling. The project is also a significant challenge, as the drilling process will occur in harsh conditions, including high temperatures and pressures. However, the Chinese scientists involved in the project are confident they will overcome these challenges and succeed. If successful, the project will be a significant breakthrough in understanding the Earth. It will also help China to become a leading player in the field of deep Earth sciences.