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Google Launches Tools To Curb Misinformation And Detect Fake Images

Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, has unveiled its plans to introduce additional
functionalities to its Image Search tool with the objective of assisting users in identifying the genuine
source of an image. This strategic initiative aims to address the proliferation of misleading artificial
intelligence-generated pictures and curb the dissemination of erroneous information.
One of the forthcoming features, aptly named “About this image,” has been highlighted by Bloomberg as
a key component of this enhancement. In addition, the newly introduced features by Alphabet Inc.
provide users with valuable insights regarding the origins and history of images, specifically aimed at
minimizing the prevalence of “photorealistic fakes.” Notably, Google’s Image Search tool will now
disclose the date when an image was initially indexed by Google, thereby reducing the likelihood of
deceptive or manipulated visuals.
As part of this initiative, Google has collaborated with esteemed publishers such as Midjourney and
Shutterstock. The report highlights the escalating challenge of identifying the precise sources of images on the internet, indicating a growing concern in this domain. In response, several startups have emerged,
focusing their efforts on tackling this issue and devising innovative solutions.