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New Zealand honors Jacinda Ardern for exceptional leadership during crises. Explore her ongoing contributions and roles post-resignation.
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New Zealand Honors Jacinda Ardern With Damehood

New Zealand has awarded former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern one of the country’s highest honours, making her a Dame for her service during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Christchurch terror attacks. Ardern accepted the honour but said she had felt conflicted about doing so. “I was in two minds about accepting this acknowledgment,” she said. “So many of the things we went through as a nation over the last five years were about all of us rather than one individual.” The former leader’s tenure was marked by a series of national and international crises, including the Christchurch terror attacks in which 50 Muslims were killed, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw New Zealand achieve very high rates of vaccination and some of the lowest excess death rates in the world. 


Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the recognition was for Ardern’s leadership during these “periods of intense challenge.” “Dame Jacinda Ardern is recognized for her service to New Zealand during some of the greatest challenges our country has faced in modern times,” Hipkins said. “Leading New Zealand’s response to the 2019 terrorist attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic represented periods of intense challenge for our 40th prime minister, during which I saw first-hand that her commitment to New Zealand remained absolute.”


Since her surprise resignation in January, Ardern has kept a relatively low public profile. She has accepted a role as special envoy to the prime minister to continue work on responses to online extremism and terrorism; joined the board of Prince William’s Earthshot prize, which awards responses to environmental crises; and accepted fellowships to Harvard University.

Harvard CS50 integrates AI to improve student learning and leadership. This renowned online course, taught by Professor David J. Malan, now employs AI for grading, coding instruction, and personalized tips. With AI's assistance, students worldwide receive personalized feedback and support, regardless of time zone or expertise. Discover how AI revolutionizes education and fosters leadership at Harvard CS50.
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Amazon Prime cell phone service
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Amazon In Talks To Offer Free Cell Phone Service To Prime Subscribers

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Ugandan activists challenge Anti-Homosexuality Law in Constitutional Court
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Ugandan Activists File Petition To Invalidate Anti-Homosexuality Law

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NVIDIA's groundbreaking AI lineup: Revolutionizing industries with DGX GH200 and more!
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Lex Sokolin is a futurist and entrepreneur working on the next generation of financial services. He is the Head Economist and Global Fintech Co-Head at ConsenSys, a blockchain technology company building...