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Discover UAE's ambitious COP28 climate goals. A transformative vision for a sustainable future, inspiring global action.
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UAE’s COP28 President Jaber Sets Ambitious Goals For Global Climate Summit

At the heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) vision for COP28 lies a compelling and transformative set of goals that resonate with the urgent need to address the global climate crisis. Spearheaded by Sultan al-Jaber, the incoming president of the summit, these ambitious goals seek to inspire nations and drive meaningful change towards a sustainable future. First and foremost, the UAE aims to establish international goals aimed at tripling renewable energy generation by 2030. By substantially increasing the production and adoption of renewable energy technologies, the UAE seeks to lead by example, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of shifting towards a low-carbon energy landscape. 


In addition to bolstering renewable energy, the UAE is resolute in doubling efforts on energy savings. Acknowledging the pivotal role of energy efficiency in mitigating climate change, the country is committed to implementing innovative technologies and sustainable practices to reduce energy consumption. By promoting energy-efficient solutions across various sectors, the UAE aims to make substantial progress in curbing emissions and minimizing environmental impacts. Another noteworthy goal set forth by the UAE is the ambitious plan to boost hydrogen production by 2030. Recognized as a promising clean energy carrier, hydrogen offers tremendous potential to revolutionize industries and transportation while decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions. 


The UAE’s visionary targets align with the ambitions of climate activists and vulnerable nations alike, signalling a collective commitment to building a sustainable and resilient world. Jaber’s plea for accountability and action comes at a critical juncture when the global community must unite to safeguard the planet for future generations. As the world prepares to gather at COP28, the eyes of the world turn towards Dubai, eager to witness a watershed moment in humanity’s quest to combat the climate crisis and forge a path towards a greener and more sustainable world.