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4 Fool-Proof Ways To Successfully Roll Out New Software in Your Organization

The daily functions of our lives are constantly evolving thanks to technology. In a span of merely 30 years, the human race went from having select and limited access to the internet and computers to nearly every person owning a mini-computer that fits in their pocket. This evolution has given way to a tectonic shift in the landscape of business organizations. In fact, investing in new technology is the only way to effectively match your competition and refrain from becoming obsolete.


That being said, rolling out new technology, whether it is software or hardware, can be a complete nightmare sometimes— especially in a large scale organization. It is because of this exact reason why businesses are hesitant and slow in adopting new technological changes. So, here are 3 tips to avoid the unnecessary complexities that come with software changes!


  1. Clear Communication

When it comes to change, whether it’s in regards to your professional or personal life, the key difference between success and failure is open and precise communication. Don’t just send out an email outlining the changes, but instead sit down with your team and explain what tools are being changed, when the changes will be taking place, how the changes help the employees, and how they will be guided and trained to absorb these new technological changes. If you are worried about pushback, don’t be. According to MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting, studies have shown that when CEOs share their vision for digital transformation, a whopping 93% of employees believe that it is the right step for the organization. Just remember to be honest and reiterate the fact that technology isn’t replacing your employees but rather helping them be more productive.


2.  Do A Test Run

Think of this as a pilot program before your big rollout. Investing in new software is a large commitment as it can be rather expensive, so before implementing new software in your organization it is important to understand how your employees will respond to it. When you do a test run with a single department or small group of workers, you can work out any bottlenecks that might occur. This soft launch also acts as a learning experience for your managers and team leaders to garner the skills needed to teach and guide other employees to adapt to the new changes.


3. Thoughtful Training

Every employee is different, and hence their ability to learn a new software might vary. It is a must to take one step at a time and not rush the training process. After your test run, you can delegate teaching roles to those who have a strong grasp of handling the new software. During your training process, include different learning materials such as live training, detailed presentations and even one-on-one lessons for those who need a little extra help. Don’t berate your employees if it takes them time to adapt but instead encourage them.


4. Digital Adoption Platform

Even after in-person training, if some of your employees still need a little extra help understanding the ins and outs of the new software, you can implement a Digital Adoption Platform. A DAP helps your employees learn how to use new technology by taking them through the application and all the vital features through interactive step-by-step on-screen tutorials. DAPs often include self-help menus that are linked to more in-depth articles, videos so that your employees can learn at their own pace.


If you are looking to stay ahead of trends and your competitor, technology is a tool that can take your business from the sky to the stars. From accounting and management to hiring and marketing, it has the potential to improve your productivity in every department. If you as a leader believe in your vision for change and work together in tandem with your employees to execute these changes, your company will be able to successfully roll out any new software. To conclude, invest in efficient technology today for a brighter and more rewarding tomorrow!