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CIGSA Chile: Empowering Community Managers, Inspiring Excellence

CIGSA Chile, a distinguished international event, is a hub for the real estate co-ownership ecosystem, fostering knowledge exchange and networking among building and condominium managers. Taking place from November 14 to 16th at the Centroparque Event Center in Santiago, Chile, this event provides a unique platform for industry professionals to receive training and insights from world-class speakers.

The Masterclass Chronicles

The event started on a high note with  Masterclasses on November 14th. These exclusive sessions gave attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in enlightening presentations by renowned speakers. The day featured diverse sessions, including Pepe Gutierrez’s exploration of “Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Community Manager,” Francisco Martínez’s insights into the “Habits of a High-Performing Community Manager,” Luis Eduardo Garcia’s story on “The Evolution of Community Association Management”, Mario Tura De Marco’s advice in “Put your company into Action” and Prof. Jeevan D’Mello’s engaging discourse on “You’re the Brand.”

  • Artificial Intelligence and Community Management: Pepe Gutierrez, CEO of Megafincas (Alicante), Administrapolis, and PHConsultas Antropólogo (Spain), explored the application of artificial intelligence in community management, shedding light on innovative practices.
  • Future-ready Administrators: Carlo D’Agostino, Partner and Director of the anchor investment fund (USA), discussed the evolving role of administrators in the future real estate landscape.
  • High-Performing Community Management: Francisco Martínez, Founding Partner, Administrapolis S.L. (Spain), shared insights into the habits contributing to effective community management.
  • Put your company into Action: Mario Tura De Marco, founder and CEO of Evolution (Italy), discussed innovative strategies for companies to thrive in the community management landscape. He elaborated on practical steps and actionable insights to implement within organizations.
  • The Evolution of Community Association Management: Luis Eduardo Garcia, CEO of Inmobiliaria Valenzuela (Colombia), provided insights into the historical growth of community association management, charting its evolution over time. He discussed pivotal moments and transformations that shaped the profession.
  • You’re the Brand: Jeevan D’Mello, CEO of Zenesis Corporation (UAE), emphasized personal branding for community managers, offering strategies to stand out in the industry.

Workshops: Women in Administration

One standout highlight was the empowering workshop on November 14th, moderated by industry trailblazers Dawn Bauman (Chief Strategy Officer of CAI, USA), Paola Castelli, and Carmen Gloria Pérez. Held in the Aconcagua Hall, this workshop was held from 15:00 to 17:00 and marked the beginning of a unique initiative. The workshop fostered collaboration and shared insights by addressing crucial questions about the impact of women in the building communities market and the challenges they face in the next decade. The participants engaged in group activities, and the same women will present the results and conclusions at the main event on Thursday, the 16th of November. 

The day was wrapped up with networking sessions and an engaging meet and greet, creating a valuable platform for forging meaningful connections. The Masterclasses on November 14th drew an enthusiastic crowd, eagerly soaking in wisdom from industry luminaries. Beyond the intellectual feast, the atmosphere buzzed with energy and anticipation, setting the stage for the dynamic events awaiting participants in the days ahead.