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Crafting Holistic Healing

Katherine Vilnrotter is the Founder of The Love Cure, a mental and emotional wellness practitioner, entrepreneur, and author. After surviving a life-shattering sexual assault while serving in the Peace Corps, Vilnrotter spent the next 11 years healing her brain, body and energy system. When the mental health system in the US was convinced that she would always have PTSD, she overcame it. After suffering for almost five years of full-blown PTSD, searching for answers and learning about what she was experiencing, she finally found the Human Givens approach. After 1 Human Givens rewind session, Vilnrotter could feel something shift in her brain and over the following months, she witnessed her world expand in ways she never thought possible. Now a Human Givens practitioner herself (and fully PTSD-free and thriving), Vilnrotter continues to further her healing in new and more profound ways, exploring and discovering new healing tools. Through Katherine’s continued education and self-healing, she is uniquely equipped to meet clients where they are and guide them through their own healing.


Katherine Vilnrotter always knew she wanted to help people; with this goal in mind, she started her career in architecture, urban design, and construction to help people through the built environment.


After graduate school, Vilnrotter started working as an architect and quickly realized that the probability that she could have a positive impact through this work was minuscule. She then decided to change her career trajectory and joined the Peace Corps. Vilnrotter wanted to explore how she could positively impact the world by using the skills she had already acquired. Unfortunately, while she was there, she was sexually assaulted, which significantly changed her life.


She says, “When I came home to the US and started sifting through the shards of my shattered perception of myself and the world, I realized I could never go back to the life I had been building. I knew that my life was going to be changed forever, even if I didn’t know how yet.”


The Love Cure, her wellness practice, is the result of her 11-year healing journey. Through The Love Cure, she now shares approaches, techniques, practices, concepts, and ideas that helped her (and continue to help Vilnrotter) on the path to healing herself. She explains, “The Love Cure is my opportunity to share the healing tools I wish were available for me when I needed them.”


She currently has two types of wellness sessions that she offers through The Love Cure. She explains, “The first is the Human Givens approach based on more widely accepted sciences such as neuroscience and psychology. This is an effective and brief approach to psychotherapy that came out of the UK and Ireland and is not widely available in the US yet.” She continued, “Human Givens will always hold a special place in my heart since it was the key to my understanding and healing from PTSD.”


The other is Energy Harmonizing and is based on energetics. She explains, “My understanding of energetics comes from a blend of the elegant framework laid out by BioGeometry, as well as my personal experiences. Once I discovered BioGeometry, I had language and tools to describe and measure what I was experiencing in new and scientific ways.” 


Her work has helped thousands of her clients heal holistically and lead more fulfilling lives in every aspect. Due to her tremendous success in the industry, The Love Cure was selected by Brainz Magazine as one of the Global 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential Leaders and Small business owners recognized for their dedication to helping others.


In conclusion, she says, “Never stop believing in yourself and being open and curious about – yourself, others, and your world!” And you will experience positive growth every day.