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Creating Spaces, Crafting Success: Mudasir Ali Shah and The Location Interiors

Our Features Editor, Sherlyn Gomes, had the opportunity to engage in an insightful interview with Mudasir Ali Shah, COO of The Location Interiors. He stands out as a prominent leader with an outstanding record spanning more than twenty years in profit center management, strategy planning, sales and marketing, business development, and training and development. Boasting a robust corporate background, Mudasir has effectively led teams across varied regions, such as the Middle East, North Africa, the UK, and Asia.

1. Your journey is truly inspiring, with a diverse background spanning technology, banking, real estate, and now interior design. Can you share how your early experiences, especially at an English boarding school, shaped your leadership skills?

Absolutely, my upbringing in an English boarding school instilled a strong sense of discipline and leadership. The early mornings at 5 a.m., the strict rules, and even the meticulous bed-making taught me valuable life skills. Climbing the ranks from house captain to head boy during that time gave me a taste of responsibility and leadership, which still guides me today.

2. It’s fascinating how your career path led you from technology at Microsoft to the banking sector and then to the real estate industry. How did these diverse experiences contribute to your journey?

Starting at Microsoft, which is known for exceptional customer service, set a high standard for me. Transitioning to banking provided insights into financial transactions and industry intricacies. Later, in the real estate industry at Emaar Properties, I played a role in launching iconic structures like the ‘Burj Khalifa.’ Each phase added a layer to my skills, from customer service excellence to understanding the technical facets of real estate.

3. Your family has a rich history in construction, yet you chose to focus on interior design. How did this decision come about, and what inspired you to start The Location Interiors?

My family’s construction legacy inspired me, but I also inherited the artistry of crafting from my paternal ancestors. Combining these influences, I found my passion in interior design. In 2014, I founded The Location Interiors with a clear vision to be a profit-centric platform for all stakeholders, creating spaces that inspire and evoke emotions.

4. Your company, Location Interiors, stands out for its cross-cultural diversity in design ideas. How do you and your team infuse a global flair into your projects?

We collaborate with designers from Italy, France, Persia, and Asia to bring a unique, international perspective to our projects. This diversity ensures a rich variation of designs that cater to a broad range of tastes and preferences worldwide.

5. As a leader, you emphasize a feedback-driven approach. How do you incorporate feedback into your leadership style, and how has it contributed to your personal growth?

I actively seek feedback from customers, colleagues, and industry leaders. It’s crucial for personal growth. I not only mold myself based on the feedback received but also gain insights from fellow leaders in various industries. Diverse perspectives, whether from family, friends, or colleagues, significantly shape my approach

6. Your company’s mission focuses on establishing a sustainable roadmap. How do you ensure sustainability, and what role does transparency play in overcoming challenges?

Transparency and meticulous planning are fundamental to overcoming challenges. By ensuring a solid foundation from the start, many challenges can be preemptively avoided. We commit to providing transparent, reliable information that empowers clients and partners, contributing to their success and ours.

7. In a world often preoccupied with self-promotion, you choose to let your actions speak louder than words. Can you share your perspective on leadership in today’s fast-paced world?

True success comes from seeing things through to the end. It involves transitioning from a mindset centered on patience, consistency, and resilience to one that thrives on flexibility and a flow-oriented approach. Success is a marathon, not a race.