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Empowering Women in Condo Management: A Global Movement Ignites in Latin America

Written by contributing writer Dawn M. Bauman, CAE Chief Strategy Officer CAI and Executive Director, Foundation for Community Association Research

In a transformative gathering at the CIGSA conference in Santiago, Chile, in November 2023, more than 40 women leaders from nine countries came together to participate in a groundbreaking workshop that focused on addressing the impact, challenges, and future of women in the condominium management sector. Facilitated by myself, Dawn M. Bauman, CAE of the USA, and esteemed leaders Paula Castelli and Carmen Gloria Perez of Chile, this event marked a significant stride in the ongoing journey toward gender equality in the professional realm.

The resounding success of the workshop was not only due to the engaging discussions and valuable insights shared but also because of the support it received from the founders of CIGSA. Taking place in Latin America, where housing and family are intrinsic to the cultural fabric, a movement is taking shape—one that empowers and inspires women in the profession of condominium and building management. The significance of this movement cannot be understated, particularly when considering the historical challenges women have faced in professional roles worldwide. Inequality has been a pervasive obstacle for far too long, hindering the progress and potential of countless talented women.

However, a palpable change is on the horizon. Women in Latin America are not merely navigating the challenges that come with professional roles; they are actively breaking down barriers and forging a path toward equality. What makes this movement even more remarkable is its global resonance. Women in condominium management are not confined by geographical boundaries; they are leaders reshaping an entire industry and proving that progress knows no limits. The workshop facilitated an inspiring connection between Latin America, the Americas, Europe, and beyond, creating a network where women from different corners of the world could learn from one another and share experiences, ideas, and triumphs.

The alliance formed during the workshop is driven by shared determination, strength, and sisterhood. The future, as envisioned by these women, is undeniably bright. It is in the hands of those who continue to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and embrace the unique intersection of housing, family, heart, and progress in Latin American culture.

As women around the world join forces, a new reality is being forged—one that celebrates diversity, equality, and progress. This journey is not only about empowering women in condominium management but also about inspiring a broader societal shift towards recognizing and valuing the contributions of women in professional spheres. 

In conclusion, let us acknowledge who we are, understand our worth, and collectively determine where we are going. In condominium management, as in life, progress knows no borders, and these women are leading the charge, lighting the way for a future where equality and progress reign. 

About the Author:

Dawn M. Bauman, CAI’s chief strategy officer and the executive director of the Foundation for Community Association Research, has worked for CAI for more than 20 years at both the international and chapter levels. CAI is the leading international organization representing the condominium, homeowners association, housing cooperative, strata, sectional title, and property horizontal sector.  This sector of housing is the fastest-growing type of housing in the world and represents at least 30% of housing in the U.S. and an even greater number in many major cities worldwide.