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Four Series Every Entrepreneur Must Watch On Netflix

Building a company and bringing your A-game every day can be a daunting task. The need to relax and recharge occasionally is a must for every entrepreneur! But what if you can gain knowledge and get yourself into a creative flow? Binge-watching some docuseries and TV shows on Netflix is the perfect solution.


The list below is a collection of documentaries and TV shows that evoke the entrepreneur spirit that will either help you on your entrepreneur journey or serve as a cautionary tale.


1. Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a Netflix Original Series produced by Jigsaw Productions and directed by Ciara Boniface.


Plot: There’s a cliche that says ‘the rich get richer .’ While that may be true, it’s not always done through legal or moral methods. This docu series explores stories of scandal and corruption in business, exposing acts of corporate greed and corruption. The episodes feature firsthand accounts of the unscrupulous activities from the perspectives of both the perpetrators and their victims.


Key Takeaway: Every episode covers a different aspect of greed and corruption in the corporate world, starting with shattering payday loans to car manufacturers faking their carbon emissions; the series takes you on an enthralling journey with keen insights into corporate malfeasance.


2. Mad Men

Mad Men is a TV series produced by Lionsgate Television and directed by Matthew Weiner.


Plot: The show chronicles the lives of advertising executives working in Madison Avenue in the 1960s – self-coined as ‘Mad Men.’ The protagonist of the show is Donald Draper, the creative genius. The creative brilliance underlies a troubled childhood, one that he would rather forget but one that shaped him as an adult to sell products and himself creatively. His outward confidence also masks many insecurities through his numerous vices, such as excessive drinking, smoking and womanizing – despite being a family man – and how he deals with the aftermath of the negative aspects of his life.


Key Takeaway:  With consumerism on the rise, this series offers excellent insights on how to pair marketing strategies while also focusing intently on customer happiness. The trick holds the answer to customer retention and loyalty in the long run.


3. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Fyre is a Netflix Documentary produced by Mick Purzycki and directed by Chris Smith.


Plot: The cautionary tale of a luxurious party turned into one of the biggest entrepreneurial disasters in millennial history. One of the most thrilling and scandalous business shows on Netflix; the documentary sheds light on the power of influencer marketing while also showcasing its cons. Four hundred influencers were called to sell 5000 tickets that cost up to USD 100,000, only to fly the guests to a scene of unorganized chaos with muddy beaches and collapsed disaster-relief tents. It documented the trail that landed the man behind it all in jail for wire fraud.


Key Takeaway: A cautionary tale that serves as a reminder for all investors and customers to beware and always check credentials before investing based on the image or popularity of the event.


4. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a crime drama television series produced by Vince Gilligan.


Plot: Walter White, a high school teacher, builds a powerful entrepreneurial empire as alias Heisenberg and starts delivering a peculiar product that disrupts the drug market. Walter’s drug empire rises with his increasingly ambitious drive and creativity in removing competition, forming alliances to stay ahead, and protecting his partners. However, this show also teaches us that entrepreneurs should calculate their losses and know when to shut shop, ultimately leading to Walter’s downfall.


Key Takeaway: The show gives good insights on creating and establishing a business while effectively beating the competition and selling a good quality product. The main lesson the series depicts is always doing your research and trying to cut losses at the earliest.


Final Thoughts

These series and documentaries can be used as a vital tool on your entrepreneurial journey, both as mistakes to learn from and as guiding tools. Like Betty Draper, in Mad Men, says, “You’re painting a masterpiece, make sure to hide the brushstrokes.” Let the beauty of your masterpiece enthral your customers.