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Two Glorious Years Of Sharing Inspirational Leadership Stories

Global Leaders Today is thrilled to announce the completion of two great years of sharing and curating inspiring leadership stories.

2022 was a year marked by turmoil, layoffs, and daunting recession fears headed by the tech industry. While the year started with the great resignation, it ended with mass layoffs led by the FAANG companies and followed by the rest. But through it, we have seen employers and leaders come together to help these employees who have been laid off with a surge of compassionate leadership by sharing LinkedIn posts or digging through their contacts to help others. These moments of grace and inspiring leadership this past year are precisely what Global Leaders Today have tried to capture and highlight.

To give you only the best, GLT carefully curates all the content featured in the magazine; every profile featured is selected after extensive research, in-depth analysis, and a stringent set of established parameters by our team. We intend to ensure that we profile a leader with an authentic story to share and a purpose beyond financial motivators to serve a more significant cause and benefit the economy and society.

In our quest to further this movement of inspirational and compassionate leadership, the magazine has curated phenomenal journeys of leaders in the arena of technology, environment, politics, business, art, social causes, and more who have raised the standard of leadership in their industry. In the past two years, Global Leaders Today has captured leaders creating an impact not just in the world’s business centers, such as New York and Silicon Valley, but also in the most remote and impoverished corners of the world, such as Rwanda, Somalia, and Afghanistan, that have worked at the grass-root level.


In just two years, we are overwhelmed with the love and support we have received from all our readers, from getting multiple emails every day to be a part of our GLT community to the thousands of nominations we have received for Global 100. We are incredibly grateful for all your support and hope to continue nurturing and growing this global community of leaders.

2022 has been an incredible journey for us at Global Leaders Today, sharing stories of remarkable leaders, partnering with prominent thought leaders to share their valuable insights as contributing writers, hosting our first webinar, and partnering with a million events globally to further our cause of inspirational leadership.

With that in mind, we want to thank our entire team working relentlessly at Global Leaders Today, our staff writers, the design team, the administration department, the management, and all our freelancers for their contribution in helping us tailor a world-class reader experience for all of you through our magazines and web portal. We would also like to thank all the leaders who came forward to share their brilliant stories and give us valuable insights about their respective industries featured in 2022. And last but not least, we thank each and every one of our readers for always supporting us and being with us every step of the way.

These two years have been filled with multiple milestones for our organization, and we hope that with each passing year, we can empower, enrich, and include more verticals to our brand that can add value to all our stakeholders.

Cheers to the Global Leaders Today family!