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Shadi Küzam’s Blueprint for Growth

Shadi Kuzam is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in the construction and project management industry. He is the CEO of KüZAM Group.

In this insightful interview, Shadi provides a glimpse into his current roles as CEO, his vision for the future, and the exciting goals and projects on the horizon. Throughout the conversation, his entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation shine through as he offers valuable advice for young professionals.



  • Can you share the key influences from your early years that led you to pursue a career in civil engineering and project management?

Since childhood, I’ve been captivated by the world of projects and construction, a fascination that has only grown stronger with time. This passion drives me to immerse myself in every aspect of the built environment, from the intricate planning stages to the hands-on construction process and the exhilarating moment a project comes to fruition. I am deeply engaged and energized by each step of the journey. This passion has not only shaped my career aspirations. However, it has also become a defining aspect of who I am, fueling my drive to seek new challenges and opportunities within project management and construction.



  • Can you briefly take us through your career journey?

I began my career as a civil engineer, gaining hands-on experience both on-site and in the technical office. As I progressed, I transitioned into management roles, overseeing a small team and eventually managing a company. This journey culminated in founding and leading several companies. Transitioning into leadership marked a pivotal moment, revealing the necessity of a skill set focused on emotional intelligence, soft skills, and technical expertise. To adapt, I pursued avenues such as obtaining my PMP certification, enrolling in business management and leadership courses, and exploring relevant study material. These efforts have enhanced my ability to manage and lead teams effectively.



  • Can you provide a brief overview of your role as CEO at KüZAM Group which includes companies in UAE and KSA such as GMC, PMO, MindShift, Proimco, Schneizer, iFix, AMEP, GrünMe, and other investments?

I instill a philosophy of empowerment and shared success in every company I lead. At the operational core is a managing partner entrusted with the day-to-day running of the business. However, their role extends beyond mere execution – I firmly believe in cultivating a vested interest by offering them an equity stake in the company. This fosters a sense of ownership, ensuring our goals are correctly aligned. When those at the helm have a tangible stake in the outcome, it fortifies the foundations of governance and exponentially increases our chances of realizing success.

My focus pivots towards the broader strategic landscape, innovation, and propelling the company’s growth trajectory. I work on crafting bold yet pragmatic visions, nurturing an environment that encourages creative thinking, and mentoring leaders to scale new heights of excellence. Simultaneously, I possess an insatiable drive to expand into uncharted territories, leveraging my entrepreneurial instincts to identify promising new markets for exploration. 



  • Can you share a notable project or accomplishment you are particularly proud of and what challenges you faced?

One of our most significant triumphs was navigating the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, a period that posed an existential threat to construction companies worldwide. 2020 was a crucible of unprecedented challenges – project stoppages, plummeting productivity, idle teams, costly safety protocols, delayed payments, staff attrition, and a dearth of new opportunities.

It was a perfect storm that could have capsized even the most seasoned enterprises. In response, we adopted a “Cash Now, Profit Later” strategy, prioritizing healthy cash flow over immediate profit.   This approach was crucial for our survival. Despite the harsh circumstances, we not only survived but also managed to expand and grow the business.



  • In your 30 years of experience, what leadership principles have you found most effective in the construction and project management industry?

In my extensive 30-year career in the construction and project management industry, I have learned that effective leadership hinges on several fundamental principles. Firstly, fostering a strong sense of team cohesion through purposeful team-building activities and initiatives is paramount. It is equally important to motivate team members by recognizing their contributions, setting clear goals, and providing opportunities for growth and development. Additionally, displaying empathy toward team members’ needs and concerns fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment. Finally, emphasizing and honing emotional intelligence skills—such as self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship management—has proven invaluable in navigating the complex dynamics inherent in project management and construction settings.



  • What goals or projects are you particularly excited about shortly?

Looking ahead, I am particularly excited about expanding our reach by opening new companies and exploring new markets. Additionally, I am eager to delve into incubating more businesses and fostering innovation within our industry. As for my role, I envision taking on a more strategic leadership position, guiding our expansion efforts, and mentoring young talents to ensure our organization’s sustainable and prosperous future.



  • Based on your journey, what advice would you offer young professionals aspiring to project management and construction leadership roles?

To young professionals aspiring to leadership roles in project management and construction, my advice is simple: be innovative. While following the crowd can lead to success, true excellence often requires standing out. Embrace the challenge of generating fresh ideas and approaches. Innovation not only sets you apart but also demonstrates your ability to adapt and lead in dynamic environments. So, dare to think differently and strive to carve your path forward.