Dive into the thought-provoking perspectives of a renowned thought leader as they explore the concept of influence in leadership. Discover why only 14% of leaders are considered influential and gain valuable insights to enhance your own leadership journey.
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Lacking The Influence Factor: Survey Finds That Only 14% Of Leaders Are Influential

A survey into leadership competency has revealed that only 14% of leaders are influential, despite over 85% being ranked as competent leaders.

Created by Judith Germain, the survey data was collected from leaders across a variety of sectors and countries. The survey included a series of multiple-choice questions designed to measure influence based on 4 key categories: capability, decisiveness, power, and impact. After completing the survey, respondents received a personalized report which provided them with their current score for each of these core leadership areas.

The results of respondents who completed the survey before 1st May 2023 revealed that of the 86% who were found to be competent leaders, only 14% were scored as influential, with respondents struggling the most with demonstrating impact.

This was of particular note to the survey’s creator Judith Germain, a leading authority on Maverick Leadership, who believes that having a high impact is a necessary leadership prerequisite for effectively influencing and inspiring others, as well as driving positive change.

“Having a high impact as a leader is critical if they want to effectively lead and serve the needs of the organization and its members. It helps to foster a positive and productive work environment, which can improve morale and increase productivity. In addition, high-impact leaders are often seen as role models and can inspire others to be their best selves and to achieve their full potential,” explains Judith.

Judith reveals that high-impact leaders often have strong interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. They are able to set clear goals and direction and to motivate and empower others to work towards these goals. The ability to make sound decisions and to effectively communicate and collaborate with others is also key.

The first step to becoming a high-impact leader, advises Judith, is recognizing their current position, where their strengths and weaknesses are, and what steps they need to take to move to the next level.

“All influential leaders have the ability to influence and create effective impact, and it’s important to be aware of their starting position, it will be easier to make the changes needed to improve their leadership. The insights revealed in this survey are key to helping leaders move from having a minimal executive or leadership presence to being a sought-after expert in their field,” explains Judith.

Leaders interested in participating in the survey and receiving their personalized scorecard results can visit – https://amplifyyourinfluence.scoreapp.com

About Judith Germain

Judith Germain, Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, MBA PgDip, is the Leading Authority on Maverick Leadership and has been defining Mavericks as wilfully independent people since 2005. She is regularly approached to speak, mentor and write on how to be a more influential leader.

Judith is a ‘Socialised Maverick’, who thinks differently, challenges often, and enables effective leadership execution. She empowers business owners, leaders, the C-Suite, and organizations to thrive in complex, constantly changing environments. She creates clear-thinking and decisive leaders.

Judith utilizes Maverick Leadership principles to Strategise, Innovate & Execute a solution that amplifies the impact and increases leadership capability and ability to execute. She understands that effective leaders with the right toolkit and skill set for the task ahead can achieve objectives and surpass obstacles that they face.