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Leading with Vision and Values: Aijaz Mohammad’s Approach at AAA Freight Services

We had the privilege of speaking with Aijaz Mohammad, Director of AAA Freight Services, a leader driving innovation in the vital warehousing and logistics sector. With a Commerce degree from Christ College Bangalore and a major in finance, Aijaz brings multifaceted expertise to AAA Freight Services.

During this insightful interview, Aijaz shares the story of founding AAA Freight Services with his brothers Aizaz and Aifaz, building it into a leading diversified logistics company specializing in the verticals of Chemicals. He outlines the principles and values that guide AAA Freight Services in delivering superior customer service and sustainable growth.


  1. What motivated you to pursue a career in the transportation and logistics industry? 

With a finance background, I pursued the conventional path as an auditor at Deloitte. Yet, I soon realized that the monotonous nature of this work did not align with my passions. Craving more dynamic experiences, I pivoted to a shipping and logistics company. There, under the mentoring of my boss, Mr. Jaleel, I gained invaluable cross-functional knowledge across divisions like finance, operations, and sales. This comprehensive experience equipped me with the capabilities to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

In 2008, I embraced my calling and co-founded AAA as a family business with my brothers, starting as a transport company. We soon moved to expand into freight forwarding, broadening our service offerings. Followed by in 2013, we ventured into our first chemical logistics center in Jebel Ali Free Zone-Dubai, pioneering this vertical. Since then, we have steadily built multiple warehouses focused primarily on chemical logistics. We evolved AAA from a local startup to a diversified logistics leader through strategic expansion, enabling us to capitalize on new opportunities. 


  1. With over 20 years of experience at AAA Freight Services, what challenges did you face while setting up the company?

Like any startup, securing financing was our biggest roadblock, unlike today’s fundraising landscape. We aimed to evolve AAA from a traditional freight company into a chemical logistics operator – a capital-intensive pivot. But with perseverance and RAK Bank’s support, we finally brought our vision to life. We now own and operate four facilities spanning 350,000 sq ft across Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s key industrial zones. With the vision of expansion, we have ventured into new markets like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, enhancing our global footprint for chemical warehousing in the coming years.


  1. What core principles or philosophies guide your leadership approach at AAA Freight Services?

Under the guidance of my father and Chairman, Mohamed Ashraf, the leadership triad of Aizaz, Aifaz, and myself, we have been enabled with clear goal-setting and effective delegation, driving our company’s expansion. We take immense pride in our dedicated team members, who have catalyzed our growth. Their dedication is indispensable for excelling in a service-oriented industry like ours. We prioritize resource management across time, money, and personnel to maintain momentum. Process streamlining also ensures smooth operations as our team delivers.

Moreover, we stay abreast of fast-evolving technologies, constantly exploring improvements. But one priority never wavers – our commitment to safety. We adhere strictly to local and international occupational standards, which is critical for building customer trust in this chemical vertical. Handling dangerous goods reliably amidst complexity is our expertise. 


  1. What sets AAA Freight Services apart from its competitors?

At AAA Freight Services, our team members are what truly set us apart. Innovation and technology drive our ability to deliver superior logistics quickly and accurately. As members of leading partner networks like NAFL, WCA, and JC Trans, we provide comprehensive shipping solutions worldwide spanning sea, air, rail, and road freight. We continuously evolve our ERP systems to enable real-time visibility and seamless track and trace capabilities for clients globally.

Additionally, we invest in state-of-the-art warehousing and facilitate trader hubs to enhance our value-added logistics offerings. Guiding us are the values of customer orientation, safety, and sustainability. We strive to work as trusted logistics partners, safely handling even challenging chemical hazardous cargo. 

But ultimately, our people’s skills and close customer collaboration enable us to stay on the cutting edge. We pride ourselves on leveraging the latest solutions to provide high-quality, economical logistics tailored to each client’s needs. Our customer-centric approach backed by global capabilities ensures we remain the logistics partner of choice.


  1. Given your extensive experience, what trends do you foresee in the transportation and logistics industry?

As we look ahead, key focus areas will be digitization, sustainability, personalization, and globalization. To align with future markets, we must embrace continuous learning and adaptation. We will identify strategies leveraging emerging technologies to drive efficiency. Embedding sustainability across operations will be critical for ethical growth. 

This multifaceted approach will enable us to innovate new business models that thrive amidst global complexities. Markets will rapidly evolve, but by staying nimble and forward-focused, we can lead change rather than react to it. 


  1. Can you share a piece of advice for budding leaders in the industry?

First, develop a deep understanding of the logistics industry – its intricacies, challenges, and future directions. Immerse yourself in the field. Next, foster a culture of continuous improvement. Avoid complacency and incentivize learning at all levels. Stay updated with emerging technologies and how they could enhance operations. But balance innovation with pragmatism – implement changes strategically.

Most importantly, build a strong team united by trust and a collaborative spirit. Recognize contributions and develop talent consistently. Finally, maintain focus on incremental progress through daily improvements. It’s mastering the small things that lead to excellence.