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The Evolution From Learner To Coach

Mario Tura De Marco is one of the leading coaches in the world of real estate management in Italy and helps managers develop their human and professional potential through Administratore Evoluto.® He teaches an effective consolidated method resulting from endless study, experimentation and experience gained during his twelve years as a condo manager and sixteen years as a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor. 


Mario was born in Milan, northern Italy and was the second of three children. He says, “My family is a ‘family that has built itself’, among a thousand sacrifices and struggles, and yet I have never lacked anything.” 


Growing up, he received tremendous affection from his loving parents. They taught him that it is essential not to feel inferior to others but simultaneously have the need to conquer and create a good life. Mario continued, “It is an attitude that must be taught and continually put to the test with children, and my parents have done it with mastery, not in words, but by action, having been two important reference models for us while growing up.”


When he was seven, Mario moved to Salerno, his father’s hometown, in southern Italy, and this had a compelling and revolutionary impact on the development of his self-esteem. He recalled, “I arrived in Salerno fearing the change of school, friends and social context but I never expected to be immediately confronted with children much braver and bolder than me.”


He recalled the incident that bolstered his confidence, “All it took was a fight with a child who was recognized by all as the leader of the gang, to transform me significantly. I have learned that in life, you have to manage on your own, that you must not submit to bullying and injustice. I emerged victorious from this quarrel with a new perspective in life.” 


Mario has always had a strong work culture, working ever since he was just a young boy. He helped his parents in their company with little chores that were within his reach. Mario had an unquenchable thirst for learning and growing with every job he undertook. When he was a teenager, Mario worked several jobs to pay for his leisure activities without relying on his parents for the extra money.


He then went on to complete his higher education and after getting his degree, Mario joined the military service. When he returned, he had the desire to build an independent life. After the mandatory military service, Mario realized that Italy was going through a historical period of economic stagnation, and employment rates across the country were at an all-time low. He said, “Hence, with utmost humility that was passed on to me by my parents, I took a low-profile job while my friends didn’t want to belittle themselves by doing manual labour.” His first job entailed producing industrial bread in a factory as a simple worker. 


Mario continued, “I learned a lot during that time, especially by doing night and holiday shifts; I had to amass all of my determination and resilience to not run away from a hard job.”


After a year and a half of working at the company and accumulating enough capital, he started seeking new avenues that would challenge him to grow further. He joined his parent’s company, but as a curious learner, he soon left that as well as he had reached his saturation point in learning from the organization. 


After leaving the family business, Mario approached the real estate sector and started as a condo manager. He worked at this job for a duration of 12 years. However, soon an opportunity presented itself; without leaving his job as a manager, Mario collaborated with a software company that had a development project for the condominium world. He explained, “I stayed for almost a year; just enough time to deepen the corporate organizational issues that I wanted to learn and, once I finished the project, I contacted another company specializing in software for condominium managers.” 


Mario was at the peak of his career when he decided to leave his job to start his new venture, Winsoft. He started selling his new software throughout Italy with tremendous success.  In 2005, motivated by the need to help clients optimize their companies’ organization, Mario decided to become a Trainer, a new adventure he undertook that is successfully continuing. It proved to be very rewarding, and between 2003 and 2014, he sold over 3,000 copies of the software, and from 2005 to 2014, he trained over 8,000 people.


Everything was working well till 2014, the year where Mario faced significant challenges due to a decision made by the software manufacturer. He could no longer hold courses independently for his customers; recalling the devastating incident, he says, “It was like an earthquake, because suddenly I found myself without the profits I needed to justify the survival of my company.”


However, still persevering, in 2015, he attended Coaching School and began to think that his courses did not reflect his full potential. Mario then graduated as a Coach and began to break down the basics of Evolved Condo Management, a training course designed to elevate the category of managers needed to bring new mental concepts and attitudes in a typically old and outdated world.


He then started a new company, Reos and launched the brand Amministratore Evoluto, with the first course in 2017 (Revolution). It was the first of many other important educational successes. During the courses at Administratore Evoluto, all the students are involved with practical exercises that are used as guiding tools to transform their words into immediate actions and help them obtain success. 


In 2019, Mario started studying Spanish because he wanted to expand his training model to Spain and Latin America, where he had previously delivered speeches in some of the most important educational and informative events. 


After four years and with a year and a half of the pandemic behind, Amministratore Evoluto has evolved into a brand appreciated by thousands of real estate managers, especially by those who practice experiential training. There have been more than 15,000 attendees to his training courses since Mario started his adventure in 2005.


In conclusion, his advice to budding leaders is, “Action is the transformation of thought. So act, act, act massively after having established the most important things in both your personal as well as professional life.” And you will find success at the end of your journey.