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Mudasir Ali Shah: Blurring Boundaries Between Craftsmanship and Business

Mudasir Ali Shah is a distinguished leader with an exceptional track record of over two decades in Profit Centre Management, Strategy Planning, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, and Training and Development. With a strong corporate background, Mudasir has successfully managed teams in diverse regions, including the Middle East, North Africa, the UK, and Asia. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at The Location Interiors, he specializes in interior design and construction. 

Mudasir Ali Shah’s upbringing in an English boarding school in the mountains of Ooty in India laid the foundation for his inspirational journey. Recalling those formative years, he reminisces, “It was an old-school English upbringing, with strict rules, early mornings at 5 a.m., and impeccable bed-making. The discipline I embraced and the leadership skills I slowly cultivated during this time still guide me to this day.” He climbed the ranks from house captain to becoming the head boy, shouldering significant responsibilities and serving as a role model for his peers. 

Beyond academics, Mudasir had diverse interests, from music and guitar playing to karate and horse riding. “I always aimed to excel and be among the best in whatever I pursued,” he notes, reflecting on those early passions. “Yet, I also understood the importance of staying open to new activities, nurturing my creativity, and getting out of my comfort zone to discover my passion and strengths.”

Intriguingly, Mudasir’s career path led him into the exquisite world of interior design and construction, a domain profoundly influenced by his family’s illustrious heritage. He explains, “My family has a longstanding history in construction, with my maternal grandfather’s also famously known as ‘Mr. Contractor,’ his notable achievement was constructing the state’s largest university and spearheading the housing and infrastructure development.” 

Mudasir inherited the artistry of crafting cashmere handicrafts from his paternal ancestors, a heritage meticulously nurtured across centuries. However, even with this prominent construction legacy, Mudasir’s ardor for creativity and design flows deeply within him. 

Drawing from this heritage and his own experiences across diverse industries, Mudasir found his calling. “I chose to focus on the construction aspect, bringing a unique perspective to interior design by translating designers’ visions into reality.”


A Multifaceted Journey

However, Mudasir’s journey did not commence with interior design but rather with technology at one of the world’s foremost tech companies, Microsoft. He reflects, “Starting my career at a company like Microsoft, renowned for its exceptional customer service, gave me a kickstart. It groomed me to provide the highest standard of service to clients.” 

From there, he transitioned to the banking sector, gaining valuable insights into financial transactions and intricate industry details. During his time in banking, he was instrumental in crafting processes and procedures that, to this day, remain integral to the industry. His meticulous attention to detail and visionary outlook ensured that these foundational frameworks became standard practice and were recognized by the Central Bank of the UAE.

His journey then led him to the real estate industry, where he became an integral part of one of the world’s largest conglomerates, Emaar Properties, where he helped support the launch of the tallest tower in the world ‘Burj Khalifa’ and ‘Dubai Mall’ overseeing sales operations across 11 countries, including Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the US, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, and Egypt. In the real estate domain, he also served as a trainer at Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett’s real estate powerhouse, where his insights empowered the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.


Leadership Anchored in Heritage

After a significant stint in facilities management, where he delved into the technical facets of real estate, Mudasir returned to his roots. In 2014, he founded his construction and interior design enterprise, The Location Interiors. “I have always been passionate about creating spaces that inspire and evoke emotions. Interior design allows me to bring my artistic vision to life,” he says.

Mudasir’s vision for his company was crystal clear: “To be a profit-centric platform for all our stakeholders.” This vision extends beyond financial gain; it encompasses everyone connected to the company, including clients, staff, suppliers, and designers. “Our primary goal is to provide a platform where all stakeholders can thrive and generate profits,” he emphasizes.

Complementing this vision, the mission of Mudasir’s company is to “Establish a sustainable roadmap by imparting reliable information that adds significant value and ultimately leads to profit generation.” Sustainability and the long-term perspective are at the core of this mission. “We are committed to providing transparent, reliable information and knowledge that empowers our clients and partners, enabling them to make informed decisions that contribute to their success and, in turn, our own,” he explains.

One of the standout features of his company, Location Interiors, is its cross-cultural diversity in design ideas. Mudasir and his team collaborate with designers from Italy, France, Persia, and Asia to infuse a unique, global flair into their projects. This international perspective ensures a rich variation of designs that cater to a broad range of tastes and preferences worldwide.


Fostering a Culture of Learning and Excellence

Location Interiors and Fitouts is not your typical interior design company. It’s a visionary force reshaping how modern businesses operate, transforming customer engagement with brands, enhancing the human experience within environments, and unlocking the full potential of employee creativity and innovation. Mudasir says, “What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of client happiness and our commitment to maintaining high industry standards.”

Mudasir’s philosophy revolves around viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. He firmly believes in transparency, meticulous planning, and a commitment to fundamentals as the cornerstones of overcoming obstacles. He eloquently says, “If we ensure that the foundation is solid from the outset, many challenges can be preemptively avoided through transparency and meticulous planning.”

Mudasir says, “I aim to drive innovation in the design and execution of each project that, together with my team, aligns with our customer’s vision. We ensure a culture of continuous learning and excellence, getting better every day. I have imbibed a deep sense of longevity and high standards from working with industry giants such as Microsoft, Emaar Properties, and Etisalat early in my career. To maintain quality, I foster a learning culture within my team. Regular training sessions keep our designers and technical staff updated with the latest technologies and product knowledge. By staying relevant and delivering optimal services, we ensure our clients’ satisfaction and continue building lasting relationships.”


Feedback-Driven Leadership Approach

However, it is Mudasir’s humility and insatiable thirst for knowledge that define his character. He regularly seeks advice and feedback from a broad spectrum of sources, including colleagues, friends, and mentors across various industries. Sharing his approach to personal growth and leadership development, Mudasir says, “I regularly take feedback from my customers and colleagues working with me. So, I do a lot of feedback and surveys on how to be a better leader.”

He explains, “Not only do I mold myself as per the feedback that is given to me, but I also speak to fellow leaders in the industry in various industries to gain more insights.” Mudasir values diverse perspectives, seeking insights from a wide range of sources: “Be it my family members, most importantly my brother who has supported me through thick and thin, who is in it, as well as my friends and new connections, I always ask them how they face challenges and handle them, and how they make an impact.”

Beyond his professional accomplishments lies the enigmatic persona of Mudasir, marked by an affinity for adventure. He indulges in skydiving and consistently seeks thrilling escapades. Furthermore, his candidness about life experiences, including a profound encounter with brain surgery, adds layers to his narrative. In his journey of personal growth, he draws inspiration from future generations, particularly his children, who serve as his instructors in adaptability, resilience, and the enduring spark of curiosity.

In a world often preoccupied with self-promotion, Mudasir remains an intriguing enigma, choosing to let his actions speak louder than words. 


In conclusion, his advice to leaders is, “In today’s fast-paced world, understanding our client’s needs and delivering on our promises are paramount. Many businesses and individuals focus on starting strong but often leave tasks incomplete. True success comes from seeing things through to the end.  It involves transitioning from a mindset centered on patience, consistency, and resilience to one that thrives on flexibility and a flow-oriented approach. Always remember: Success isn’t a race; it’s a marathon.”