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REM 50: The Must-Have Coffee Table Book for Real Estate Pros in the UAE!

Are you a real estate management professional in the UAE making a difference in the built environment? Then get ready to have your achievements recognized! REM Times, a global media website that connects the real estate management sector, announces the publication of REM 50. This is the exclusive coffee table book showcasing the 50 most influential professionals in the industry.


The annual publication is not just any ordinary book – it’s a collector’s item, printed on premium paper and designed to impress. And the best part? The list is not a ranking, but a recognition of the amazing work you do. So, if you find yourself on the list, take a bow – you’ve earned it!

But how do you make it to the list, you ask? REM Times works closely with the industry, with over 15 years of experience in unbiased reporting, to shed light on the contributions of these influential personalities. Nominations are invited from peers and colleagues, and the decisions are based on cross-checking all facts. And for those who have a strong purpose of giving back to the profession and the people in it, special consideration is given.


So, what are you waiting for? Nominate yourself or a colleague for this year’s REM 50 list! Send 100-200 words on why they deserve recognition to Senior Editor Megha S Anthony at, along with their contact details. Hurry, nominations end on February 15, 2023.


Get your hands on this must-have coffee table book and join the ranks of the most influential real estate management professionals in the UAE!