the groundbreaking training event with the theme "Unleash the leader within you"
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Revolution 2023: A Paradigm Shift in Community Association Management in Europe

Revolution 2023, the groundbreaking training event with the theme “Unleash the leader within you,” marked its sixth successful year, captivating the attention of community managers from across Italy. With a total of 303 participants, including distinguished national and international attendees, this event continues to grow in popularity, thanks to its invaluable content and prestigious venue. Although the brand, ‘Amministratore Evoluto,’ was established in 2017, it has swiftly emerged as a frontrunner in entrepreneurial and managerial training courses for community administrators, earning recognition within the Italian training landscape and beyond.


Organized annually in Italy by Amministratore Evoluto, led by the visionary owner and CEO Mario Tura De Marco, a respected trainer, coach, and mentor in Real Estate management administration in Italy, and his dedicated team, Revolution 2023 unfolded at the illustrious Bachelet Theater. The doors of the event opened at 9:00 am sharp, allowing participants to take their seats which commenced at 9:15 am. The meticulous preparation undertaken by the staff was ceaseless, working until the early hours of the morning to optimize every detail, ensuring the execution of what was heralded as the training event of the year.


The core theme of Revolution 2023 centered on leadership, explored from diverse perspectives. Following a brief introduction by Mario Tura De Marco, the stage was graced by Pepe Gutierrez, an unconventional Spanish community manager known for his eccentric attire of a green suit, wig, and colored nails. As an innovative technology enthusiast and highly regarded international speaker, who recently won a coveted international ‘Educator of the Year Award’ in the USA, Pepe delved into the technological aspects of leadership, enlightening community managers about the myriad possibilities offered by today’s tools. He shared insights on leveraging artificial intelligence, such as the Chat GPT platform for email responses and Chat PDF for efficient storage and accessibility of documents. Pepe’s discourse also unveiled the potential of augmented reality, virtual reality, and the metaverse, leaving attendees inspired by the transformative power of technology.


Renowned psychiatrist Paolo Crepet offered a profound exploration of leadership from a relational and emotional standpoint. His thought-provoking interview exposed the inherent weakness concealed within the popular image of a strong, unwavering leader. Paolo shed light on the importance of embracing doubt, fragility, and limitations, as these qualities empower true leaders to overcome obstacles, particularly unforeseen challenges. He emphasized that the leaders of the new millennium are driven by personal growth and self-realization, transcending traditional notions of leading a workgroup to elevate their own lives.


Paolo Rossi, one of the sponsors of the event and the commercial director of Unoenergy, shed light on the trends in the Italian and international energy markets, providing essential insights for navigating future energy crises. Documenti Postali showcased innovative approaches to postal shipments in community administration offices, including personalized services and the use of certified digital protocols.


Head of Marketing for Micro and Small Businesses at Teamsystem SpA, Alvise Comin, offered valuable insights into the Italian market’s shift from process and tool standardization to automation. He highlighted the future challenge of transitioning analog companies to digital platforms, providing a strategic perspective on navigating this transformative landscape.


The interview with Massimiliano Rosolino, Olympic swimming champion and gold medalist at Sydney 2000, delivered an unconventional perspective on leadership, drawing parallels between athletic performance and effective leadership. Massimiliano emphasized the importance of efficiency, focus, and unwavering determination in achieving objectives. He presented captivating proposals for new business models in community administration, considering a society immersed in social media yet lacking genuine social connections.


Mario Tura De Marco further expounded on leadership from a strategic standpoint, building upon Paolo Crepet’s insights. He emphasized the significance of making consistent choices to lead a fulfilled and controlled life before assuming leadership roles in workgroups. Mario highlighted that true leaders often unknowingly inspire others through their pursuit of self-realization, driven by personal growth rather than a desire to please others. He emphasized that accepting the weight of leadership responsibility precedes feeling ready to undertake such a role.


Concluding the event, Rossana de Angelis, a prominent community manager turned entrepreneur, founding one of Italy’s most influential real estate management companies, shared her vision for the future, foreseeing the rise of medium-small offices collaborating to form larger and more structured entities. She predicted a challenging path for large organizations seeking to acquire entire offices throughout Italy, as well as a competitive landscape for small professional offices that opt for independent operations while managing smaller portfolios.


Weeks after the event’s conclusion, the vibrant discussions and enthusiastic engagement of participants continue to reverberate through numerous social media posts, underscoring the lasting impact of this record-breaking event. As Mario Tura De Marco and his exceptional team—composed of Barbara, Camilla, Giacomo, Ivan, Antonietta, Daniele, Matteo, and Emanuele—celebrate this resounding success, they have already embarked on planning Revolution 2024, poised to take place in Rome once again.