Discover the efficiency boost with SIBCA's Urbanise CAFM solution. Streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and improving asset management.
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Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency: SIBCA’s Urbanise CAFM Solution Case Study

SIBCA is a prominent player in the Middle East’s building technologies industry, specialising in designing, implementing, and maintaining life safety and building technology systems. To overcome operational challenges and improve efficiency, SIBCA embarked on a search for a comprehensive Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solution. They meticulously evaluated multiple software options to find the perfect fit for their requirements.


What SIBCA was looking to achieve

· Comprehensive management of assets, ensuring efficient tracking, maintenance, and utilisation.

· Establish a system for monitoring data with high accuracy, enabling reliable insights and informed decision-making.

· Implement effective and efficient resource management practices to optimise workforce, materials, and equipment.

· Attain visibility, easily track all outstanding and completed jobs, and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs).

· Gain a deeper understanding of resource performance, identify and address asset failures, and accurately assess costs for improved operational efficiency.

· Establish seamless and effective communication channels with clients, facilitating tasks such as obtaining signatures, capturing customer feedback, and providing complete and accurate information.


Benefits of Urbanise Implementation


Urbanise has brought about significant improvements and measurable outcomes for SIBCA. Key improvements include:

Efficient maintenance processes: Urbanise has streamlined reactive and planned maintenance, work order management, and preventive maintenance, ensuring efficient and effective handling of maintenance tasks.

Centralised asset management: The centralised asset management system provided by Urbanise enables effective management of assets through centralised data and easy document access, leading to improved asset tracking and documentation.

Integrated facilities, assets, and workforce: Urbanise integrates facilities, assets, and workforce management into a single platform, promoting collaboration and coordination across departments and enhancing communication and efficiency in resource management.

Automation of daily operations: Urbanise’s automation capabilities increase efficiency and accuracy in routine tasks, optimising day-to-day operations, reducing manual effort, and minimising errors.

Improved performance measurement: SIBCA can now measure team performance, meet KPIs and SLAs for preventive and reactive maintenance, and optimise resource allocation, enabling better performance tracking and resource management.

Enhanced customer satisfaction: Monitoring customer satisfaction ratings for each job and work order enables corrective actions to enhance service quality, improving customer satisfaction and strengthening client relationships.

Improved job visibility and tracking: Urbanise provides enhanced visibility and monitoring of job progress and completion, improving operational efficiency, task management, and timely project completion.

Enhanced communication with clients: The Urbanise solution improves communication, ensuring accurate information exchange, fostering better client relationships, and facilitating effective collaboration.

Real-time analytics and reporting: Urbanise offers real-time analytics and reporting, enabling a better understanding of performance, asset failures, and costs, supporting data-driven decision-making and identifying areas for improvement.


SIBCA is currently configuring their e-services storefront to provide customers with a systemised payment method and a fast, flexible way to pay.

“Since mid-2022, SIBCA has been utilising Urbanise as their CAFM solution, leading to a comprehensive automation transformation in their processes. The platform has replaced manual processes with streamlined reactive maintenance, work order management and enhanced preventive and planned maintenance. This has resulted in increased efficiency and accuracy”. Khalil I. Lari, Chief Technology Officer.

Results and Future Implementation Plans

The advancements brought by Urbanise have significantly improved productivity, service quality, and cost-effectiveness for SIBCA. Implementing Urbanise has streamlined SIBCA’s operations, resulting in measurable improvements and positioning the company for continued success in the industry. The solution’s maintenance processes, asset management, collaboration, automation, and communication capabilities have delivered tangible benefits to SIBCA, enhancing productivity, service quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Some of the feedback the SIBCA team have received from their clients post Urbanise implementation include;

· “Team reached within minutes and resolved the issue immediately” – Abu Dhabi Trade Centre – Residential Tower

· “Response from your team is great!” – Emircom Data Centre

· “Keep it like that” – Marriott Hotel & Marriott Executive Apartments

· “Thank you for your help and support during the Inspection!” – Caboodle Pamper – Old Galleria

· “Finalizing of the PPM in year 2022, good job SIBCA Team, they were willing to complete PPM and were flexible with the timings/date due to busy operations. thank you so much.” – Movenpick Hotel – JBR

“Overall, Urbanise, our CAFM solution, has effectively innovated our daily operations into a completely automated process.” Khalil i. Lari, Chief Technology Officer




SIBCA, a prominent player in the Middle East’s building technologies industry, specialises in designing, implementing, and maintaining life safety and building technology systems. With over 2,000 dedicated staff across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and India, SIBCA has established a renowned reputation for trust and excellence among its customers, including contractors and end-users.

The SIBCA brand is synonymous with reliability in designing and implementing cutting-edge technology, providing exceptional customer service and support. SIBCA proudly maintains mission-critical life safety systems, sophisticated ELV solutions, and advanced building management systems in highly-sensitive and prestigious facilities across the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Their services contracts span various business verticals, including commercial & residential towers, hospitality, healthcare, oil & gas, malls & retail, and communities.

The Services division of SIBCA specialises in the operations and maintenance of life safety and building technologies systems, including fire alarms, central batteries, fire fighting & fire protection, BMS, security, ELV, and complex IT deployments. Supported by a team of more than 700 trained service staff, SIBCA excels in preventive and reactive maintenance, leveraging the power of its 24/7 Service Desk.


About Urbanise


Urbanise FM is a leading provider of facility management cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to connect property, suppliers, and clients to help deliver exceptional service with powerful automation, data and insights.

With Urbanise FM, customers can manage infrastructure, buildings, residential and commercial properties on a cloud-based system that integrates facilities management, asset management, work order management and workforce management into a single platform. Urbanised provides full visibility of the facilities management function and associated insights through Urbanise Analytics powered by Microsoft PowerBI. Urbanise integrates with a number of industry leading solutions to offer even more automation and drive value for our clients.