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The Digital Transformation Expert

Fausto Turco is a Master in Digital Transformation and the CEO of Si-Net. He also organizes Masterclasses on Personal Leadership & Organizational Culture at WOBI. Turco has 33 years of experience as a System Integrator dedicated to Professional Studies and has led about 500 projects. Today he devotes himself almost entirely to the Digital transformation of companies, working both with the owners and above all with the collaborators: constantly arguing that the transformation must start from bringing the ‘resource’ to the centre of innovation.


Turco was born in the countryside, in a small town in the province of Milan. As a child, he learnt a great deal from his father, Turco recalled, “he used to say: respect the work of others, and work will bring you respect.” These words were ingrained in his mind, and ever since, he has always respected every profession and strived to provide value to them.


After completing his education with a post-diploma in computer science in 1986, Turco landed his first job as a programmer intern in COBOL and gw-basic. A year after starting the internship, Turco knew that the IT industry was capable of much more and wanted to create something of his own that would revolutionize the sector.


He asked his father for a loan to buy a personal computer, an Olivetti M24 (which in 1986 cost about $ 9,000). His father sacrificed his savings and, with utmost trust, handed him the money; since that moment, Turco spent his days writing programs for friends and doing minor customizations of the invoice modules determined to succeed.


In 1990, he founded his Company, Consoft, with a programmer: it provided management software assistance for SMEs and accountants.  


With his prior experience, in 1992, Turco met an accountant, his now-wife, with whom he founded Si-Net in 1999. They mainly catered to accountants at that time and helped them accelerate their digital transformation by keeping up with current trends. 


He added, “Over the years we have understood that professional firms and accountants wanted a single system integrator, both as an application partner and as the technological partner of infrastructure. We began to grow a business unit linked to the Microsoft world and in 2003 we became Microsoft Gold Partner (and we still are today).” 


The Company’s vision has now evolved to serve companies beyond just accountants and enables their digital transformation to create thriving virtual ecosystems. In order to achieve this, they assist people by simplifying their mundane tasks with technological solutions that create value for their work and that of their customers.


One of their success stories recently includes organizing the first Digital Wine Tasting in the world, which changed the world of tastings. The first digital tasting took place in the presence of journalists, industry and board of Microsoft Italia thanks to a connection between the headquarters of Ciacci Piccolomini D’Aragona, a customer based in Montalcino (in Tuscany), and the beautiful Microsoft House in Milan. This incredible first has been reported by numerous prestigious Italian and international press. The event also established Si-net as a technological partner in the Italian Agrifood sector, followed by wine and food tastings of Italian excellence such as the Alba White Truffle Fair and Grana Padano. 


Turco’s inherent ability to continuously improve his skills and upskill all his employees has allowed him to secure the award as the best third partner in the modern workplace and digital world. He was awarded the Bronze Award in the Digital Transformation Champ Award category for Collaboration & Smart Working at the Microsoft Italia Partner Awards 2020. Si-Net was also given the title of ‘Model of Digital Transformation of Business Models in Europe’ during a worldwide digital showcase at the #MicrosoftInspire 2021 Global Event to add to their long list of victories.

In conclusion, Fausto shares his secret to success; he says, “Appreciate every little improvement. And most importantly, be curious, be driven by passion, be flexible and change course when need be,” this will lead you on the path of success coupled with hard work and persistence.